The War With Hitler's Navy

The War With Hitler's Navy

by Adrian Stewart


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As this well researched work reveals, Hitler’s handling the German Navy during the Second World War was full of contradictions.

The seriousness of the U-boat threat was never in doubt and in the dark days of 1940 – 1942, the Donitz’s daring strategy coupled with the courage and determined actions of the captains and crews became perilously close to starving Britain into submission.

But, despite having built and nurtured a surface fleet with capital ships of formidable power, Hitler was uncharacteristically cautious of employing them aggressively. Examination of the reasons for this make for fascinating reading, possibly stemming from the early loss of the Graf Spee and the fact that, whenever possible, the Royal Navy threw all its weight regardless of cost at the Nazi threat; the loss of the Hood in the pursuit of the Bismarck being one example. Even Goebbels could not ‘spin’ the loss of a battleship.

The War Against Hitler’s Navy describes in fascinating detail the many fronts on which the adversaries faced each other and analyzes the reasons for the ultimate outcome.

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Publisher: Pen and Sword
Publication date: 12/01/2018
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About the Author

Adrian Stewart was educated at Rugby School before taking First Class Honours at Caius College, Cambridge. His previously published works with Pen and Sword Books include: Eighth Army’s Greatest Victories, Early Battles of Eighth Army, They Flew Hurricanes, The Campaigns of Alexander of Tunis 1940-1945, February 1942 – Britain’s Darkest Days, Carriers at War, Six of Monty’s Men and Ten Squadrons of Hurricanes (2015) have all been published by Pen and Sword Books. He lives near Rugby.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vii

Chapter 1 The Construction of Hitler's Navy 1

Chapter 2 The Battle of the River Plate 13

Chapter 3 The Battles of Narvik 35

Chapter 4 The End of the U-boat Aces 60

Chapter 5 The Battles with the Bismarck 80

Chapter 6 The Attacks on the Arctic Convoys 106

Chapter 7 The Defeat of Grand Admiral Dönitz 129

Chapter 8 The Battle of the North Cape 150

Chapter 9 The Destruction of Hitler's Navy 173

Bibliography 193

Index 197

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