The Winner's Way

The Winner's Way

by Pamela Brill

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Create personal best performance at will—and revel in the achievement!

If you have ever watched athletes performing at their best, you have witnessed the power of “the Zone”—that state where everything clicks and personal and team bests are the norm. In The Winner’s Way, Dr. Pam Brill tells readers how they, too, can achieve the Zone of top performance, turning goals – whether in the wide world of sports, work or daily life—into positive, results-driving action. With her 3 A’s – activation, attention and attitude—Dr. Brill supercedes previous wisdom by systematically bringing together these three crucial elements to hurdle personal obstacles and finish—again and again—always the winner. Out of her years of research on peak performance in sport and work, coaching to elite athletes and top corporations, and teaching at Dartmouth Medical School, Brill, a psychologist, has put together, and field tested, her unique Winner’s Way™ system. The Winner’s Way offers readers a proven, user-friendly method to identify, engage, and drive strategic change for continual achievement in the face of never-ending challenge. That racing heart and those white knuckles? They’re the result of the chemical deluge that ramps activation to high speed—but without proper 3A alignment, this power within can derail attention and attitude. Tunnel vision is no accident. Negative beliefs about self and potential will always get in the way. Plagued instead by listlessness, wandering attention, an apathetic attitude? These are all due to another chemical reaction—with symptoms readers learn to identify and then re-ramp to their best strengths. Throughout The Winner’s Way, Dr. Brill provides example after example so readers can adapt, according to their personal make-up, the steps to winning achievement that become second nature.

On command, our readers will learn to:

  • Change a poor attitude
  • Pull out of a downspin
  • Use language as an arsenal, fortress, and medic
  • "Debrief" from experiences by identifying what was done well—and what should be done differently next time
  • Examine and challenge habitual assumptions . . .
  • plus deploy strategies for dealing with performance anxiety, fear of rejection, technology overload, and more to help recapture their love for the game of life.

    The Winner’s Way is straight forward, makes sense—and it works! Let the game of life begin! On your marks, get set, go!

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ISBN-13: 9780071457101
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Publication date: 07/06/2004
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
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About the Author

Dr. Pamela Brill (Bedford, NH) is a psychologist who has put psychology to work on diverse terrain from her early days of working street corners with juvenile offenders and abused children to the past decade of working corner offices to manufacturing floors with corporate clients across industries. Her client roster includes members of the Fortune 500 along with competitors from the wide world of sport. Dr. Brill taught at Dartmouth Medical School for over ten years and provided private sports psychology consultations to individual athletes, teams and coaches at Dartmouth College and nationally to elite athletes across the lifespan. Through her consulting firm, In The Zone, Inc., Dr. Brill teaches individuals, teams and entire organizations how to get “in the Zone” for generating personal and organizational bests on every field of life.

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