The Woman in White

The Woman in White


Andrew Lloyd Webber, who scored the biggest hit of his highly successful career adapting Gaston Leroux's 1911 horror/fantasy novel Phantom of the Opera to the musical theater, returns to familiar ground with what is described as a "freely adapted" musical version of Wilkie Collins' "classic" (and, more important, out of copyright) 1860 novel The Woman in White, considered the first full-length example of detective fiction in English literature. Collins' tale is a gothic melodrama with an innocent heroine married off to an upper-class villain and a terrible secret revealed only in the final moments. Lloyd Webber, an industry unto himself, tends to employ different librettists and lyricists on each project; here, Charlotte Jones does her best with the penny-dreadful plot in her book, while Broadway veteran David Zippel (City of Angels) writes efficient, occasionally witty words for the cast to sing. (Typically, the two-CD album, with a running time of two hours and 24 minutes, contains a complete audio rendering of the show, not just song highlights.) That cast sings as well as it can, although only Michael Crawford (Lloyd Webber's original Phantom) gets a juicy part, mincing around the stage in a fat suit and an Italian accent in the part of Count Fosco, the villain's charming associate. For his part, Lloyd Webber turns in one of his less tuneful but more consistent scores. The trouble is simply that the story is a poor choice for musical theater. It has too many main characters -- in fact, there are actually three heroines -- and, despite Crawford's efforts, it is much too dreary. Lionel Bart managed to enliven the work of Collins' contemporary, Charles Dickens in Oliver!, his musical version of Oliver Twist, but Lloyd Webber has either picked the wrong book to adapt or failed to make it sufficiently compelling as a musical. (The recording was, for the most part, made live on opening night in London, with some studio recordings substituted when there was too much audience reaction. One example is retained as a bonus track, with Crawford's second-act tour de force, "You Can Get Away with Anything," considerably hammed up from the studio version. At least it's amusing.)

Product Details

Release Date: 11/08/2005
Label: Angel Records
UPC: 0094634191128
catalogNumber: 41911


Disc 1

  1. Act One. Prologue
  2. Act One. I Hope You'll Like It Here
  3. Act One. Perspective
  4. Act One. Trying Not To Notice
  5. Act One. I Believe My Heart
  6. Act One. Lammastide
  7. Act One. You See I Am No Ghost
  8. Act One. A Gift For Living Well
  9. Act One. The Holly And The Ivy
  10. Act One. All For Laura
  11. Act One. The Document
  12. Act One. Act One Finale

Disc 2

  1. Act Two. If I Could Only Dream This World Away
  2. Act Two. The Nightmare
  3. Act Two. Fosco Tells of Laura's Death / The Funeral / London
  4. Act Two. Evermore Without You
  5. Act Two. Lost Souls
  6. Act Two. If Not For Me For Her
  7. Act Two. You Can Get Away With Anything
  8. Act Two. The Seduction
  9. Act Two. The Asylum
  10. Act Two. Back To Limmeridge
  11. Act Two. Finale
  12. Bonus Track. You Can Get Away With Anything

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Michael Crawford   Vocals,cast
Edward Petherbridge   Vocals,cast
Andy Findon   Flute,Alto Flute,Bass Flute,Piccolo
Angela Christian   Vocals,cast
Maria Friedman   Vocals,cast
John Griffiths   Vocals,Ensemble
Susie Fenwick   Vocals,Ensemble
Andy Vinter   Keyboards
Ian Rathbone   Viola
Richard Addison   Clarinet,Bass Clarinet
Simon Lee   Conductor
Andrew Keelan   Vocals,Ensemble
Julian Poole   Percussion
Dave Lee   Horn
Steve Brooker   Conductor,Musical Direction
Oliver Darley   Vocals,cast
Tony Woollard   Cello
James Spilling   Vocals,Ensemble
Rosey Jones   Keyboards
Richard Ashton   Horn
Richard Cookson   Viola
Eoin Cannon   Vocals
Gregory Clarke   Vocals,Ensemble
Elinor Collett   Vocals,Ensemble
Christopher Connah   Vocals,Ensemble
Martin Crewes   Vocals,cast
Matthew Draper   Oboe,Cor anglais
Helen George   Vocals,Ensemble
Mark Goldthorp   Vocals,Ensemble
Paul Kemble   Vocals,Ensemble
Jo Napthine   Vocals,Ensemble
Jill Paice   Vocals
Vincent Pirillo   Vocals,cast
Andrew Rapps   Keyboards
Yvette Robinson   Vocals,Ensemble
Steve Rossell   Bass,Bass Guitar
Steve Varnom   Vocals,Ensemble
Sydney White   Vocals,Ensemble
John Alan Griffiths   Vocals
Nicky Adams   Vocals
Adrian Der Gregorian   Vocals,Ensemble
Julia Graham   Cello
Eion Cannon   Vocals
Dave Lee   Horn
Joanna Kirkland   Vocals
Stephen Brooker   Musical Direction
Ron Jones   Keyboards

Technical Credits

Andrew Lloyd Webber   Composer,Producer,Liner Notes,Orchestration
Tim Clark   Engineer
Wilkie Collins   Original Idea
David Cullen   Orchestration
Robin Sellars   Engineer
Nigel Wright   Producer,Liner Notes
David Zippel   Composer,Lyricist,Executive Producer
William Dudley   Producer,Production Design,Videography
Trevor Nunn   Director
Simon Lee   Musical Supervision
Charlotte Jones   Book,Synopsis
Wayne McGregor   Choreographer

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The Woman in White 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The music and story is wonderful. Mystery, honor and romance all rolled into one. Plus Michael Crawford plays Count Fosco, a pompous villian. Though I highly recommend reading the book first! The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins is what this musical is based off of. I give you fair warning the musical changed several major characters and took several others out. But still the music is lovely! I only wish it was still on tour.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Andrew Lloyd Webber gives everything a spin in "The Woman in White", the new and gorgeous stage production. After hearing a taste on the official website, I fell for it completely and had a copy of the CD imported from London. My favorites of the album include "I Hope You Like it Here", "I Believe My Heart", "Lammastide", "All For Laura", and "Lost Souls". However, overmore I love "If I Could Only Dream This World Away", "Trying Not to Notice", and "Evermore Without You".
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wow! This score is amazing! The Woman in White's theme is actually very moving to me... Its a very grand score. A perfect match for Wilkie Collins' Victorian thriller. In the age of Avenue Q and Contact, you would of thought a show like Phantom of Jekyll and Hyde has disappeared (the latters composer tried last year with DRACULA, which got harsh comments from critics) Leave to the one and only Andrew Lloyd Webber to ressurect the gothic/romance/pop opera. This ranks with some of his best, not as good as Phantom, but what is? I have a feeling Woman will do well here in the US. Its coming to Chicago in November for a pre Broadway run. Over in London, the critics are giving it mixed reviews, more good than bad. And it lost all the best musicals due to the Producers, which I don't think is very good... All Webber fans will think this one of his best, and the lyrics by David Zippel are extaordinary. Michael Crawford gives a stunning performance as the infamous Count Fosco... The rest of the cast is superb! A truly special piece... Not another Phantom, but nothing will ever be like Phantom. Woman in White comes close...
Guest More than 1 year ago
I went on a trip to London with a group of people and this was the show we were going to see and I wasn't so excited about it because I had never heard of it before. After seeing this show i was amazed the cast is so talented and the score is beautifal! Bravo once again to Andrew Lloyd Webber this music is so breathtaking and lush and he takes the song "The Holly and the Ivy" and turns it into a very creepy song that helps you understand the fear that Laura feels. Angela Christian is my favorite her voice is so beautifal it gives you chills.I would definintly by this CD I can't wait until it comes to the Marquis Theatre!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I went to london this summer and went to see the women in white andrew lloyd webbers newest musical since the beautiful game (which never came to new york) and i absolutly LOVED IT.Afterwards ofcorse i bought the cd and i am still listening to it constantly.Michael crawford is SPECTACULAR.You can get away with anything is webbs most comic song ever.From the first "hallo there" to marion exclaiming" I close my eyes and I still see his face"i laughted,cryed and wanted more. Ther Women in White is Andrew Lloyd Webbers best score since Phantom of the Opera I give it an A+
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love the 'Phantom,' the 'Boulevard,' and now I love the 'Woman.' I saw "The Woman In White" Saturday, Feb 18, 2006 at 2:00PM and I had the best seat in the theatre too. I was blown away by the acters, the sets and most of all, Mr. Wedder's score. I've only heard that this was his best score since "The Phantom of the Opera" but now I really belive it and Anne Catherick's secret too (you'll need to see the show to undersatnd. - hahaha
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I saw this in the RECOMMENDED category, I had no clue what it was. When I saw that it was the new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, I knew I had to check it out. So I listened a little, and was mesmerized! THE WOMAN IN WHITE has drama, romance, action, and mystery. I'll be sure to catch it when it comes to the US. This elaborate thriller is bound for the Tony's!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ever since I was a little girl, I went to go see lots and lots of musicals. Now this is the one musical I wish I saw. I've love Andrews music. Plus, he has a soundtrack called the Phantom of the opera which is now the longest broadway show. The woman in white has music writen by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Trevvor Nunn (I think that's how you spell it.) The woman in white has lavish music and score. Staring magnificent stars such as Michael Crawford, Maria Friedman, Oliver Darley and Angela Christian and many more. This is I believe Andrews' finist work of all time. Lovely music. My favorite songs are 'I believe my Heart' 'Act One Finale' 'Prologue' and 'Trying not To Notice.' I love this Peace of work. Well Done!! I like this a lot, I hope you will too. So like I said. Please Buy it right now. And by the way also go see this wonderful show. It's so beautiful. I couldn't even take my eyes off the stage. So many wonderful costumes and people. I love it alot. Go see it . You'll know what I mean. it was my first show.
Guest More than 1 year ago
There is simply no comparing THE WOMAN IN WHITE to any other- it is mystifying, heartwrenching, wondrous, and touching. The lyrics are built up like never before and the music could stay in your head all day.
Guest More than 1 year ago
My husband and I saw this wonderful production in London in August. It was so very interesting. The music was haunting and we could still hear it on the way out of the theatre. A must see and the CD is unbelievable.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wow! Can't wait for this musical to come to the US. I saw it in London this summer at the Palace Theatre and was captivated. Several of the songs gripped my heart, and I just had to have the CD. Great job again, FLW.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Michael Crawford is great in this. I'm so happy that he is in this. Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber did his finest work. He has done the Phantom of the Opera. Michael Crawford is amazing in this sound track. Michael plays the villiounus Count Fosco who is an aid to Marian and her half-sister Laura. When Mr.Hartright comes to the railway station he sees someone coming out of the darkness....a woman dressed all in white. Her name is Anne. Anne marrys an Evil Sir Percival Glyde. He wants to marry her. But he abuses her. The woman in white tells Mr.Hartright that she has a secret but she cannot tell him. Then she hears some people coming and she is terrified.