The Young Adult's Guide to Meditation

The Young Adult's Guide to Meditation

by Atlantic Publishing Group Inc Atlantic Publishing Group Inc


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According to a recent report by Hifx, the United States is the second most stress-ridden country in the world. This Book Can Help. In a simple, step-by-step format, this book helps beginners increase focus and decrease stress through the art of meditation. You will learn what meditation is, why you get stressed out in the first place, and how meditation can truly help calm your nerves. You will also learn the answers to common questions: How is meditation different from relaxation, concentration, and self-hypnosis? Which techniques are right for you? This book offers a natural way to ease stress, focus your mind, and balance your life.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781601389879
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company FL
Publication date: 10/30/2015
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.08(d)
Lexile: 1200L (what's this?)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

Chapter 1 The History and Science of Meditation 15

Harmful Effects of Stress, Anger, Anxiety and Depression 16

Physical Ailments 17

Mental Ailments 18

Depression, Anxiety and Procrastination 19

How Meditation Fosters Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social Well-Being 20

The History of Meditative Practice 22

Meditation in Eastern Religion 23

Meditation in Judeo-Christian Traditions 24

Modern Schools of Meditation 25

Chapter 2 Considerations Before You Get Started 29

Pitfalls of Beginning Meditation 30

Exploring Your Motivation 33

Overview of different practices 35

Core Meditation #1 Concentration Meditation 36

Core Meditation #2 Mindfulness Meditation 38

Core Meditation #3 Lovingkindness Meditation 39

Finding or Joining a Meditation Group 39

Pros of Meditation Classes 41

Cons of Meditation Classes 41

Chapter 3 How to Create a Regular Meditative Practice 45

Choosing the Best Time to Meditate 46

Morning Meditation vs. Night Meditation 47

Creating a Flexible Schedule 49

Creating a Meditative Environment 50

Removing Distractions 50

Ambient Music and Sound 51

Using Candles, Crystals and Incense 52

Keeping a Tidy Meditation Space 53

Choosing Comfortable Clothes 53

Body Support Accessories 55

Lifestyle Tips for Mental Well-Being and Physical Health 57

Healthy Eating 57

Acid Foods vs. Alkaline Foods 58

Detoxing Herbs 61

Chapter 4 Preparing the Body for Core Meditation 67

The Importance of Proper Body Alignment 68

Sitting Postures for Meditation 69

Using Yoga to Improve Body Alignment and Posture 71




The Most Common Forms of Yoga 78

Setting Up the Energetic Openings 81

The Seven Chakras 82

Chapter 5 Beginning Core Meditation with Concentration 89

The Four States of Consciousness 90

Beta Consciousness 91

Alpha Consciousness 92

Theta Consciousness 93

Delta Consciousness 94

Using Binaural Beats to Alter Consciousness 94

Beginning Core Meditation with Concentration 97

Advanced Breathing for Concentration 100

Auditory Meditation 104

Naming your Distractions 104

Inner Quieting with Big Mind Meditation 105

Keeping a Journal 106

Chapter 6 Continuing Core Meditation with Mindfulness 109

How to Explore the Inner Experience 110

Expanding to Sensations 112

Muscle Relaxing Techniques 114

Slowing Down Daily Activities to Encourage Mindfulness 116

Working with Difficult Emotions during Mindfulness Meditation 120

Difficult Emotion #1 Anger 121

Difficult Emotion #2 Anxiety and Fear 122

Difficult Emotion #3 Sadness and Depression 123

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 126

The Benefits of Practicing Lovingkindness Meditation 129

Chapter 7 Finishing Core Meditation with Lovingkindness 129

Directing the Flow of Love Energy 130

Opening the Heart Chakra 134

Mantra Meditation 136

Causes of Energetic Blockages in the Heart Chakra 138

Additional Tips for Deepening Lovingkindness 140

Entering Deeper Realms of Spirituality 145

Chapter 8 Divine Meditation 145

Common Experiences in Divine Meditation 146

Third Eye Activation and Meditation 148

Using Binaural Beats for Third Eye Meditation 153

Binaural Beats (Pros) 153

Binaural Beats (Cons) 153

Isochronic Tones (Pros) 153

Isochronic Tones (Cons) 154

Chanting Meditation to Evoke the Divine 155

Insight vs. Devotion 155

Chapter 9 Meditation in Everyday Life 159

Meditation as a Performance Booster in Martial Arts 160

Meditation as a Performance Booster in Competitive Sports 161

Meditation as a Performance Booster in the Creative Arts 163

How to Create Flow State 165

Using Guided Visual Imagery 167

Will Power Concentration 169

Healing Meditations 170

Conclusion 173

Appendix A Nine Grassroots Solutions for Consciousness Elevation 175

Appendix B The Seven Natural Laws of Nature 179

Appendix C The Twelve Laws of Karma 181

Appendix D The Eight Stages of Yogic Practice 183

Appendix E PH Level Food Chart 185

Appendix F Hip Opening Postures 189

Glossary 191

Bibliography 197

Resources 201

List of Companies that Carry Meditation Supplies and Accessories 202

Most Popular Ambient Recording Titles 202

List of Meditation Centers 203

Index 205

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