Theme From the Valley of the Dolls

Theme From the Valley of the Dolls

by k.d. lang



k.d. lang's smoky rendition of "Theme From the Valley of the Dolls," which originally appeared on her album Drag, was issued as a maxi-single that is more of a showcase for legendary DJ Junior Vasquez than anything else, and he transforms the torch song into a ten-plus minute nightclub extravaganza. The first mix is a dreamy, slow-paced 7" mix, but all changes when it leads into "Junior's Arena Anthem," which is a 13-minute Hi-NRG workout. The song slows down when lang's voice comes in, and then picks up when she finishes singing. This is followed by two dub mixes, one with the slow part and one without, and then a tribal beat mix, followed by the "Riff Dub" and then the massive "Arena Instrumental," which, instead of slowing down for lang's vocals, slows down to let a piano tink out the song's melody, and then builds again. The single ends with the lullaby-ish album version. This single, as opposed to lang's previous maxi-singles that transformed her songs into trippy, shuffling remixes, is pure, unadulterated Hi-NRG club music, with Vasquez emerging as the disc's artistic centerpiece and little bits of time allotted to lang's dreamy vocals.

Product Details

Release Date: 10/14/1997
Label: Wea International
UPC: 0093624395225
catalogNumber: 243952


  1. Junior Vasquez 7" Mix
  2. Junior's Arena Anthem
  3. Junior's Arena Dub
  4. Junior's Arena Dub
  5. Junior's Tribal Beats
  6. Junior's Riff Dub
  7. Junior's Arena Instrumental
  8. Album Version

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