Thermoplastic Composite Materials

Thermoplastic Composite Materials

by Leif A. Carlsson (Editor)



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ISBN-13: 9780444881182
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 03/28/1991
Series: Composite Materials Series
Pages: 390
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction (F.N. Cogswell). The keys to thermoplastic composites. Envoi. Bibliography. 2. Physical and mechanical properties of high-performance thermoplastic polymers and their composites (N.J. Johnston, T.W. Towell, P.M. Hergenrother). General features of thermoplastic matrices. Neat resins and properties. Composite properties and performance. Thermoset matrices versus thermoplastic matrices. Challenges. References. 3. Semicrystalline polymer matrix materials (J.M. Schultz). Introduction: typical matrix polymers. Microstructure. Microstructure and properties. Kinetics. Methods of controlling spherulite size. Aging. Modeling of crystallization during molding. References. 4. Short fiber reinforced thermoplastics (D.G. Brady, J.L. Kardas). Introduction. Short fibers for reinforcement. Mechanical property performance and limitations in short-fiber systems. Processing short-fiber composites. Applications for short-fiber composites. Appendices. References. 5. Long fiber molding materials (J.M. Crosby). Introduction. Production methods of LFRTP molding materials. Fiber microstructures in LFRTPs. Mechanical properties. Fabrication/processing. References. 6. Continuous-fiber thermoplastic composites (A.Y. Lou, T.P. Murtha, J.E. O'Connor, D.G. Brady). Introduction. Thermoplastic matrix resins. Reinforcing fibers. Product forms. Mechanical properties. Processing. Applications. References. 7. Creep behaviour of thermoplastic composites (A.A. Ogale). Definitions. Physical aging of thermoplastics. Viscoelastic response of thermoplastics. Viscoelastic response of thermoplastic composites. References. 8. Fracture of thermoplastic composites(K. Friedrich, L.A. Carlsson, J.W. Gillespie, J. Karger-Kocsis). Fracture behaviour of unfilled thermoplastic. Fracture of injection-molded short fiber reinforced PEEK. Interlaminar fracture of PEEK composites. 9. The role of matrix properties on the toughness of thermoplastic composites (W.L. Bradley). Micromechanisms of interlaminar fracture. Strain-field mapping around crack tips during interlaminar fracture. Mode-I and mode-II critical energy release rates for various composite material systems. Models for predicting delamination fracture toughness. Summary. References. 10. Fatigue of thermoplastic composites (D.R. Moore). The relevance of fatigue and the design of fatigue studies. Factors affecting fatigue of thermoplastics. Fatigue of discontinuous thermoplastic composites. Fatigue of continuous-fibre thermoplastic composites. Concluding remarks. References. Author index. Subject index.

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