Thin Air

Thin Air

by Richard K. Morgan


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An atmospheric tale of corruption and abduction set on Mars, from the author of the award-winning science fiction novel Altered Carbon, now an exciting new series from Netflix.
Hakan Veil is an ex–corporate enforcer equipped with military-grade body tech that’s made him a human killing machine. His former employers have abandoned him on a turbulent Mars where Earth-based overlords battle for profits and power amid a homegrown independence movement. But he’s had enough of the red planet, and all he wants is a ticket back home—which is just what he’s offered by the Earth Oversight organization, in exchange for being the bodyguard for an EO investigator. It’s a beyond-easy gig for a heavy hitter like Veil . . . until it isn’t.
When Veil’s charge starts looking into the mysterious disappearance of a lottery winner, it stirs up a hornet’s nest of intrigue and murder. And the deeper Veil is drawn into the game, the more long-buried secrets claw their way to the Martian surface. Now it’s the expert assassin poised against powerful enemies hellbent on taking him down—by any means necessary.
Praise for Thin Air
“Kick-ass . . . Mixed in with the thriller-esque action and cyberpunk backdrop is a hard-boiled noir story complete with a twisting and turning plot that keeps readers on their toes.”Los Angeles Times
“Richard K. Morgan wants to destroy your Mars fantasies. . . . It’s a grim vision, but one that Morgan finds far more plausible than the cheerful visions of plucky Mars colonists common in sci-fi.”—Wired
“A robotically enhanced Jack Reacher [in a] dazzlingly intricate game of political double- and triple-cross, spiced with tastily kinetic battle sequences.”The Guardian
“If you ever imagined that the core esthetics and themes of cyberpunk—lowlifes and high tech; corporate dominance; future noir; post-human evolution and cyborg adaptations; hardscrabble urban environments—were played out, Thin Air will set you straight, and kick your butt in the process. . . . Both kinematic and cinematic, [Thin Air is] limned by Morgan with balletic precision and smashmouth grace.”—Paul Di Filippo, Locus

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ISBN-13: 9780345493132
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/02/2019
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 544
Sales rank: 202,918
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.60(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Richard K. Morgan is the acclaimed author of The Dark Defiles, The Cold Commands, The Steel Remains, Thirteen, which won the Arthur C. Clarke Award, Woken Furies, Market Forces, winner of the John W. Campbell Award, Broken Angels, and Altered Carbon, a New York Times Notable Book and winner of the Philip K. Dick Award. He lives in England.

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Thin Air (Signed Book) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Philomath_in_Phila More than 1 year ago
I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book so I could give an honest review. I was excited to see Richard K. Morgan was coming out with a new book. I enjoyed both the book and television series of "Altered Carbon". I had a difficult time getting into the book and, if I did not have to finish it, I probably would have stopped about 100 pages in. However, right there is where I started enjoying the book so I am glad I continued. Hakan Veil is an ex–corporate enforcer equipped with body tech that's enables him to be a killing machine. His former employers dumped him off on Mars and he wants to return to his home planet, Earth. He is given that chance in exchange for babysitting an investigator from Earth, Madison Madekwe. His killing skills and military-grade body tech come in handy as he tries to help unravel the mystery surrounding Madison's investigation. Veil's interaction with his internal AI is amusing and a big part of why I enjoyed the novel. Richard K. Morgan's "Thin Air" is his first Science Fiction book published, according to Goodreads, in eight years. While it is in the same universe as "Thirteen", it is a stand-alone novel and you do not need to read it first.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great, ever changing story , always 2 steps ahead of me. Characters Are gritty and so well described and played out in a dialog reminding me of the radio mysteries of my youth. Mr. Morgan, thank you for your vision and tenacity. It has been a long wait. Well worth it though . I'll keep waiting for the next one
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Didn't put it down. Fun and well written.
Karen_Benson More than 1 year ago
I watched Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon on Netflix when it first came out and was so enthralled with the sci-fi, tech, and premise, that I watched all 10 episodes in a weekend and then bought the book to read. That was my first Richard K. Morgan book and I really enjoyed it. When the chance came to read a new sci-fi book of his that was set on Mars, I jumped at the opportunity as I love everything Mars. Hak is an overrider exiled to Mars. He’s been bred as an elite soldier/warrior and has enhancements to make him the best. He ends up assigned as a bodyguard/babysitter to an Earth woman sent to Mars to do an audit and she’s kidnapped a few days later. Of course Hak does whatever is needed to find her. He is promised a ride back to Earth if he saves her so he’ll stop at nothing. Although there were definitely aspects of Thin Air that I enjoyed, like the sci-fi tech and the gritty world-building, I did have a tough time getting through this book. The slang was hard to figure out, and the story started out pretty slow. I kept at it though, expecting it to make sense eventually, and it paid off. Everything came together. This wasn’t my favorite book ever, but it was definitely a decent action packed sci-fi once it got going. None of the characters were particularly likeable throughout although Hak did finally grow on me towards the end. *Thanks to NetGalley and Del Rey Books for the advance copy!*