by Nicole Williams

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BN ID: 2940157161927
Publisher: Nicole Williams
Publication date: 04/09/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 138,214
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Tortured 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow! Not sure what to say. The story was so raw and powerful. A very emotional read. Story of heartache, abuse , and love . This story is an amazing read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One of the best books I've read in a long time. A must read!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One of Nicole’s best yet! This book had me gripped from the very first chapter, heck, the first page. I found myself flipping to speed the story up and then slowing to a crawl to savor the raw, torturous parts. This book had everything I love…angst, secrets, heartache, characters with meaningful pasts, swoony and sexy moments. Brecken was perfect in every way and I fell in love with Keenan. Camryn and her situation were captured just right, giving the reader a glimpse into why she reacted and made the decisions she did. A truly strong heroine. What more can I say besides you need to read this book! Maybe stock up on some tissues or chocolate, first. You’re going to need it.
Ladydi232 More than 1 year ago
Powerful Story, Beautifully Written! Tortured lived up to its name! I felt tortured with heartache right from the start of the book. On the surface it began as a sweet story of first love being tested by time and distance. Brecken goes off to war leaving Camryn worrying about his safety, while he worries about leaving her with no one to protect her from an alcoholic and abusive parent. "Worry as I unloaded the groceries. Relief as I started the laundry. Anxiety as I ironed shirts. Excitement as I checked the mail. Hopefulness as I started dinner. Hopelessness as I set the table. Emotions were a strange thing. How they could propel you forward one moment, only to bury you in an unmarked grave the next." When the worst happens, Camryn is forced to find her own way to get by and continue on with what she has left of her life. To me, she proves her strength in every move and choice she makes and she is faced with lots of very difficult choices at such a young age. “Our scars prove we’re strong. They testify to what we can endure. It’s not weakness carved into them—it’s strength.” Both Brecken and Camryn are kept prisoner in a way and to deal with this they keep their own secrets. It's only when they are able to shine light on their own chains and scar that they can move towards any freedom. “I’m a man. Staring at a woman I’ve loved, trying not to break down in front of her broken body.” His voice broke, matching the look on his face. “Trying to be strong when I’ve never in my life felt weaker. Trying to look like I can handle seeing her like this when I can’t f*ing handle seeing her like this.” I absolutely loved this beautiful and beautifully written heartbreaking and honest story. There are definitely some tough to read parts but handled so honestly. I fall more and more in love with this author with every book of hers that I pick up. I look forward to discovering more of her books and handing my heart over to her to destroy (and hopefully heal again). I've just added this author to my 'must-buy', 'one-click', 'don't-even-read-the-blurb' list! “You know where you’re going?” His head nodded beside mine. “I’ve always known.” My hands went behind his neck. His skin was warm and familiar. “And where’s that?” He exhaled against my skin as he closed the bedroom door. “Toward you.”
Court5433 More than 1 year ago
Tortured is the perfect title for this book in so many different ways. This book tortured and mended my heart all-in-one. Nicole is one of those authors that I will always read, no matter the genre. Her writing technique always has me lost in her words and feeling every once of her characters. "My eyes welled when I realized that he'd given me back my wings. One man had clipped them - this one had fixed them." My heart ached for Brecken and Camryn. And for some many reasons. The heartache of losing someone not just to death, but to a life you want to save them from. The torture of believing you are doing the write thing to keep others safe. I will warn you that this book may be harder for some to read due to the content. Nicole does an amazing job of not sugar coating anything and making this story all the more real and raw. It's a beautifully, haunting story that you will love. "I never asked to be the world's hero. All I ever wanted was to be yours." I love Brecken and his perseverance when it comes to Camryn. No matter what, he will live up to his promises. He won't let anyone or anything stop him from loving Camryn, even though she is married. Camryn made her decision a long time ago, thinking it was the right one. And now that Brecken is home, she knows she still can't have him. "I don't care that you married him or that you have his last name. You're mine. To love. To honor. And to f*#€ing protect." Nicole wrote an amazing story with really strong characters. Yes, the story line is easy to follow and there really isn't anything that is unexpected to happen, but it's the tone and the characters that will have you loving this story. Another fantastic book from Nicole!!
lisaher More than 1 year ago
God how I loved Brecken he was one tortured soul, but he never gave up. Camryn is left reeling when Brecken returns home after six years of believing he was dead, but now he's back after he was held captive and all the emotions of dealing with what's happened, in that time, and now the man she will always love is moving next door, is a new torture for both Camryn and Brecken. Nothing is easy and believe me reading the story was hard at times, but both Camryn and Brecken captured my heart and I felt for both them, but Brecken reminds Camryn he's true to his promise even after everything that's happened and will do anything for her until the end. This read does contain themes some might find difficult, but it's a highly charged emotional and powerful read, that so no matter how tortured people may be, true love is never forgotten.
Linda33 More than 1 year ago
WOW!! This book is everything. I haven't read a book that pulled this much emotion from me in such a long time. Not surprising, it was another Nicole Williams book, Collared, that last tore my heart out. Tortured surpassed that, with my heart stuck in my throat for almost the entire book. It was the prefect mixture of heartbreak and unconditional love. Nicole's writing is superb, as always. You can feel the love shared between Brecken and Camryn, the torment and sadness that each has endured for the last six years they were apart. Within the first few chapters, my heart went through an emotional wringer. Brecken completely captured my heart with his unconditional love for Camryn.
MarcyMeyer More than 1 year ago
I really enjoy first love and second chance romances, and this book is both. It is definitely not a light-hearted read. It is intense and extremely heartbreaking with it's portrayal of domestic violence. Brecken and Camryn start out as two young kids in love, so excited for their future. I loved their connection from the start. It felt like one of those meant-to-be kinds of loves. Then tragedy strikes and changes everything. I am not going into any more details, because it would ruin your experience of reading it. There is so much depth to these characters and their story. The writing is magnificent. It drew me in from the first page, making it hard to stop reading when sleep was calling me. It made me breathless at times, wondering what would happen next. I really felt every ounce of passion, love, pain, torture and hope, that Nicole put into this book. A definite must read.