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Crazy Forts

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Children of all ages love building fun structures where they can play endlessly in their imaginary worlds. And Crazy Forts makes play so easy and so fun. Simply connect the balls and sticks and cover the structure with bed sheets to create places where imaginations flourish.

Durable, portable and best of all, there's no batteries required!

You can build your own creation, a playhouse for parties, tunnels or connect with friends for spectacular structures.

Compatible with Crazy Forts Fort Lights for added fun!

For ages 4 and up.

Product Details

UPC: 0827912037234
Manufacturer: Crazy Forts
Publication date: 04/08/2009
Age Range: 4 - 6 Years

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Crazy Forts 3.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 51 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I cannot believe all the negative reviews of this product, all because people did not read the TWO biggest instructions : keep the flat part of the ball down, and the words up, as another poster said, but also, to slightly twist the sticks as you are putting them in so they go in all the way. We have made tons of forts, sometimes using 4 sheets to make all the walls, and they don't come down easily unless you had an unstable design to begin with. We've bought a 3rd set even, and I want a fourth, because lately the kids have taken to playing war and wanting separate forts! This is an awesome toy, fun for adults as well as the kids. Now, the adults need to help with the first few to teach the kids those few basic rules, and it takes a couple of fort buildings to get the hang of it... but have some patience people! I cannot believe how fast people can give up on things. One more side note : we have broken probably 10 sticks so far ourselves, but this is to be expected - once Tinkertoys went plastic they died a lot too.
Texas_Mom_of_Two More than 1 year ago
We love this toy - my husband and I are both engineers and enjoy it almost as much as our kids. But I do have two pieces of advice. First, the sticks fit into the balls very snuggly, so you may need to help very small children. Second, if you find your forts are falling apart, it's probably because you didn't read the instructions. And by instructions, I really mean just the one: always orient each ball so that the flat side faces the floor and the writing faces the ceiling. As long as you do that, the forts will be solid. If you try to orient the balls in different directions, the angles of the connections will be off, skewing the forts and making them unstable. My only tiny complaint is that two of the sticks did break right at the ends, leaving said ends in the balls. A stick even a half-inch too short doesn't really work anymore - they all have to be the same length - so this is a bit of a loss. But we still love the toy enough that I am buying another set.
LynnJudson More than 1 year ago
I saw this in the Parents Magazine article. It looked great, so I went out and bought it right away. We got this for my daughter who is 3 and while she couldn't assemble it herself, she loves playing in the castle we've built for her. We've also tried a tunnel formation, and she liked it, but preferred the castle. Little Princess! It was easy to assemble, and I found some blueprints on the website to use. Some of the rods I needed to twist a little to put into the connector balls, but it came out very sturdy and hasn't come apart as she plays inside with her dolls. I would highly recommend it!!!!!!
plf More than 1 year ago
Too hard to put together and didn't stay together. Fell apart too easily!!! Kids and I were very disappointed.
Crazy4CrazyForts More than 1 year ago
If there was one toy I would recommend for any child, this would be it. It's creative, fun, can be used indoor and outdoor, and has endless design possibilities. I have used this toy with friends and family and everyone loves it. It's also a great gift for the kid who has everything (even Crazy Forts, since more than one box simply means larger structures and more designs). One note: it is very important to read the instructions. Initially, construction seems difficult, but once you read the instructions and understand the simple rules for assembly, it's very easy. I recommend this toy to everyone!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The rods do not easily insert into the holes in the ball joints and aligning them to create a self-standing structure is difficult. Then, the structures fell apart the minute my kids climbed inside.
Marcus_Goodsmith More than 1 year ago
i was so happy to find something i could build a fort with without having to use the furniture. the balls and sticks work great and build anything you could want. my kids love it and help choosing the design. they love crawling around inside the finished fort and then tearing it down to build a new one. on a side note, just make sure you keep the writing on the ball on top all the time. this way the angles always match.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a great toy! It does take a little practice to figure out how to get the pieces together. I made two of the designs with my 5- and 8-year old kids. After that, they were ready to do it themselves. One or two designs later, they are acting like pros. They already want a second set! Don't let impatience set in. This is well worth the effort to learn how to put the pieces together.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
We bought Crazy Forts for our 2.5 and 1 year old. My daughter helps us with the construction process since she's a bit young to do it all on her own. It can be tricky to line everything up but if it's done correctly you'll have a stable fort even when you put a sheet over the top. My kids bring all kinds of toys inside the fort and play without worrying about it falling over. It's a great set for creative play!
Roxanne747 More than 1 year ago
We love this toy! It is great when you have a small house and kids. It's big fun that breaks down into a small easily stored box (not provided). My only criticism is that you should really buy two sets. After playing with this for a week, my kids are already asking for more parts to make bigger forts.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
We have been waiting to purchase these and although they are really cool, they are a bit difficult for the kids to put together sturdy enough, which means I have to always assist. They get them up but one comes apart and then the whole thing collapses and they complain. Once the sheets go up they are fun. So with a little help from Mom and Dad, it can be successful.
Robinm5 More than 1 year ago
The idea of the product caused me to purchase two for two sets of grandchildren. While setting it up at one home I found that I could hardley keep the rods connected to the balls. They kept on separating as I tried to add new lengths. My 8 year old grandson is talented in building but became very frustrated, so certainly the product would be useless to younger ones. The balls have multiple holes, too, so its difficult to line up the rods and create the desired angles with which to construct something.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kids (8 & 6) have a hard time putting the pieces together to make it sturdy enough to play in.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
the product is too hard for kids (mine are 7 & 10-not even starting at the young age of 4 they list on the box) to push together. they continue to come unconnected as they build further & when putting a sheet on top, causing a lot of aggravation. what looked to be a fun, imaginative toy has only been an experience in frustration for my kids.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Requires more arm strength and coordination than the age group it appeals to. Adults must do it, taking away most of the fun factor for the kids. Also, the connecting sticks are a bit flimsy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought this knowing there wre poor reviews but the problem seemed to be operator error. Let me tell you, even knowing that you need to twist the poles into the balls didn't help!! We haven't been able to keep the thing together at all -- even parents w/adv. degrees, LOL!! Would not recommend this product.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Only buy this if you want to build it for your kids because they won't be able to do it for themselves. Then listen to them cry when it falls apart as you put the last pole in. Occasionally it stays up for half a day and then it is fun.
MIcheleTA More than 1 year ago
I bought this for my 5 year old nephew who loves legos and lincoln logs. I thought this would be a nice step to something bigger and something he can get into. It was a little deceiving because there is not enough materials in the box to create everything pictured on the outside. That being said, he was able to build a few different forts with what we had. It was a little pricy, a waited until I had an extra coupon in addition to my membership. Still, he will use it for a long time.
Mom_in_MN More than 1 year ago
What I thought would be an awesome Christmas gift for my daughter (7) who loves building forts, has turned into a frustrating toy and purchase. I even read the reviews before I ordered and while I heard that the pieces are sometimes difficult to connect for the younger ages, I figured Mom & Dad could assist. But I did not read that the product isn't even strong enough to support a sheet or kids bumping it when crawling through. For the price, this should be better made.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The forts are difficult to put together and not that sturdy. I was expecting something better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good idea but way too flimsy and small. Maybe good for a one 3-year-old little girl. I found the site and they have forts that look very big and very sturdy. I wouldn't recommend crazy forts unless you were willing to settle for something less than great.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Crazy Forts is a neat concept but lacks quality and is overpriced. My son-in-law was putting the fort together. He broke one of the sticks in the first 5 minutes of assembling. The company should include some extra pieces for these types of incidentals.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I saw this product in the June issue of Parent's magazine and immediately had to rush out any buy it for my cousins (ages 3 and 5). We played with it pretty much for 3 days staraight after work when it was too rainy to go to the park. The kids didn't get sick of it at all becuase as soon as one story line got old, we would tear it down and build a different structure. At first the sticks were a little difficult to get into the balls, but with a little twist when pushing them it, the fort stayed together perfectly. I would definately recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cool new toy that only requires a little imagination and creates a ton of fun!
Lee-Roy More than 1 year ago
I bought this toy for my 3 young boys, my youngest Ethan (he is 6) just loves it and has no problem building anything he wants with it. My oldest Logan (he is 9 ) has a lot of fun pulling it all down when is finished playing forts...I think more fun than building it LOL. Great price, great fun, I highly recommend this toy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So I gave this a four. I would probably say it's worth more like a two or three for what it's meant for (as a fort) since many of the designs have a hard time holding the weight of a blanket. Though my son loves the idea. However we love this product for building 2D and 3D shapes. We love seeing his imagination working as he figures out what he needs to build an octagon or a pyramid. And as long as we use really light blankets it can normally be turned into a fort