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FAO Schwarz Toy Fortune Teller Zoltan

FAO Schwarz Toy Fortune Teller Zoltan




Zoltan the Magnificent knows all! Zoltan’s design harkens back to the era of carnival novelty, complete with a mystical and artistic spin on mysteries of foreign lands. The booth is in miniature and measures approximately 12 in. tall by 6 in. width and depth.

For Ages: 12+

WARNING: Battery Warning

Product Details

UPC: 0694202331965
Manufacturer: FAO SCHWARZ
Publication date: 08/15/2018
Age Range: 12 Years

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FAO Schwarz Toy Fortune Teller Zoltan 1.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Zoltan came USED, broken, piece of junk. When you return the item you have to pay for shipping. I will never buy from this company again. BUYER BEWARE
Rocknon More than 1 year ago
Great idea, terrible execution. I bought one of these despite all the bad review I read online about the shoddy construction, because it's a really good idea, I mean who doesn't want a miniature Zoltan? But when I picked it up from the store I had the bad reviews proved right. Through the packaging I could see that the thing was glued together haphazardly, and a corner of the front window was crooked 'cause someone put too much glue and too much hastiness into it. Also some paint had bled from the window frame onto the window itself, but was easy enough to chip off. Also the paint on Zoltan himself had been carelessly smeared off of Zoltan's main body and onto other parts of the toy. Still, this is something that I've actually wanted over the years just because of how cool it is and I took it home. The sound worked well enough, and the eyes actually lit up red when pushing the demo button. However, I had the impression that the head turned from side to side when in reality it just spun counter-clockwise like an Exorcist homage. Still, not too bad. When I pulled it from it's packaging I noticed that the demo button was connected by a plug in the bottom of the piece. You have to lift it out carefully and apply a surprising amount of force to unplug it and not rip the wire apart. Okay. I pulled it from it's box and the battery compartment on the bottom immediately fell out with a eviscerated trail of wires hanging out the exposed hole into the innards of the toy. My trusty gorilla glue fixed the problem toot-sweet and I turned it on and pressed the button. The sound worked, Zoltan did his best Pazuzu impression, and all seemed fine until the head stopped revolving perfectly when it was right in the middle of being completely backwards. No amount of coercion made that head start to turn again, and to make matters worse I would have to dismantle the toy and possibly break more of it to physically turn the head around again so I at least had a cool shelf piece. I promptly put it back into the box and took it back for a gift card. I feel sorry for the mentally insufficient, or child labor that I assume was forced to churn these out in time for some unfortunate deadline, that or were made in the same vein as Tim and Eric and their Tiny Tigers if you know what I mean. Other reviews online will cite the same unfortunate problems this thing has, and don't do like I did and disregard the chance that you'll get one of the same quality. Again, very good idea, but mind-numbingly, berzerko, poor execution. FAO Schwarz should be ashamed at the quality level they let pass from the Chinese manufacturer to their fancy packaging to your disappointed hands upon purchase. Two stars for the idea, and that's me being very kind. Don't bother until a revamped version is released.