Shakespeare in a Box:King Lear

Shakespeare in a Box:King Lear


All the living room's a stage! And your friends and family merely players, with their exits and entrances--and 45 minutes of utter enjoyment. Created by an imaginative drama teacher, The Home Shakespeare Festival is a complete theater company in a box.

Home Shakespeare is like a host-your-own-murder game, but with an intellectual and artistic bent. Beginning with one of Shakespeare's best-known, best-loved works, the tragedy King Lear, each kit has everything needed to produce and act out a thoroughly entertaining 45-minute version of the play: cards for a director and technical director, showing how to cast the play, direct it, stage it, and create easy sets and sound effects; cards for each of the major parts, with a summary of the character and suggestions on how to play him or her; ten cleverly abridged copies of the script; and key props. For King Lear, the kit includes a retractable stage dagger, a plastic eyeball, and a jester's cap. Each kit also contains a booklet introducing the wonderful world of Shakespeare, acting tips and exercises, recipes for grog, and other good party games to play.

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UPC: 9780761123828
Manufacturer: Workman Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 12/30/2001

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