Tree Stories: A Collection of Extraordinary Encounters

Tree Stories: A Collection of Extraordinary Encounters


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Tree Stories is a unique gathering of stories and poems, written by adults and children, about a special tree in their life. Reading of these healing, heartfelt connections nurtures our human spirit and reminds us of the simple beauties of life. They honor the personal, material and spiritual values that trees play in our lives. These personal tributes also encourage us to sanctify life in all its dimensions -- human, plant and animal -- and strengthen our resolve to protect our planet.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781888604221
Publisher: SunShine Press Publications, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/15/2002
Pages: 184
Product dimensions: 5.52(w) x 8.36(h) x 0.39(d)

Table of Contents

Think Like a Tree15
Chapter 1Trees As Teachers
The Loving of Trees19
Scar Tree20
The Willow Tree24
Cultivating Knowledge26
Carrying Water to Trees27
Waiting for a Message30
Tree Epiphany31
Tree, Why Do You Bind Me?32
How To Enjoy a Tree35
Chapter 2Trees As Nurturers
A Maple39
Profound Reflection46
Grandfather Cottonwoods48
Peace Trees50
Chapter 3Trees Of Childhood
A Tree Remembered55
Branches of Delight59
Elm Tree Moment60
Tree Companions61
Things I Believed When I Was Eight63
In Which She Discovers She Has Always Been a Witch64
Wood Carving Teacher65
Little White Stones66
The Climbing Tree67
Hidden Up69
Of Mulberry Trees and Lightning Strikes70
Backyard Tree72
The Lesson of the Kapok Tree73
A Tree75
Chapter 4Children's Tree Stories
Tree House79
The Ohio Mushroom Tree80
The Cumberland Tree81
My Tree Story83
My Tree Experience84
Tree Story86
The Fire Tree88
Dead Tree90
The Giving Tree Report91
The Apple Trees93
My Magnolia Tree95
Chapter 5Trees As Companions
Branches of Life100
The Weeping Tree102
My Life Long Love Affair With a Tree107
The Magnolia Tree and Me108
Looking Through a Tree110
Redwood Wedding112
A Tree By the Path114
My Old Chestnut Tree115
My Personal Old Growth118
Learning from Trees126
Chapter 6Trees In Memoriam
The Tree of Life131
Our Tree136
An Elm in the Middle of Our Street and Our Lives140
Chinese Elm146
The Big Elm148
Swamp Maple153
The Father Tree154
Moving the Maple158
The Legend of a Tree159
Clayoquot Is In Our Backyard162
Tribute to a Friend Who Died Fighting163
Touched By a Tree165
The Secret of the Seed167
Editors and Photographer177
Gratitude To Trees179

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