Twelve-Cent Archie: New edition with full color illustrations

Twelve-Cent Archie: New edition with full color illustrations

by Bart Beaty

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For over seventy-five years, Archie and the gang at Riverdale High have been America’s most iconic teenagers, delighting generations of readers with their never-ending exploits. But despite their ubiquity, Archie comics have been relatively ignored by scholars—until now.

Twelve-Cent Archie is not only the first scholarly study of the Archie comic, it is an innovative creative work in its own right. Inspired by Archie’s own concise storytelling format, renowned comics scholar Bart Beaty divides the book into a hundred short chapters, each devoted to a different aspect of the Archie comics. Fans of the comics will be thrilled to read in-depth examinations of their favorite characters and motifs, including individual chapters devoted to Jughead’s hat and Archie’s sweater-vest. But the book also has plenty to interest newcomers to Riverdale, as it recounts the behind-the-scenes history of the comics and analyzes how Archie helped shape our images of the American teenager.

As he employs a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches, Beaty reveals that the Archie comics themselves were far more eclectic, creative, and self-aware than most critics recognize. Equally comfortable considering everything from the representation of racial diversity to the semiotics of Veronica’s haircut, Twelve-Cent Archie gives a fresh appreciation for America’s most endearing group of teenagers.

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ISBN-13: 9780813594460
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Publication date: 05/31/2017
Series: Comics Culture
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 234
Sales rank: 1,122,971
File size: 15 MB
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Age Range: 16 - 18 Years

About the Author

BART BEATY is a professor at the University of Calgary, where he heads the department of English. He has written several books, including Fredric Wertham and Critique of Mass Culture, Unpopular Culture: Transforming the European Comic Book in the 1990s, and Comics Versus Art.

Table of Contents

Cover Page Praise Series Page Title Page Copyright Page Epigraph Contents The Twelve-Cent Archie How to Write (Archie) Comics Story Length The Archie Hierarchy Archie Andrews Bowling Harry Lucey’s Rhythm Veronica Lodge Riverdale, USA The Daily Strip Footnote “Why Is It Always between Archie and Reggie?” Archie’s Jalopy It’s as Easy as A-B-V United Girls Against Jughead Archie Giant Series Invisible Paint Archie Comics versus Art Betty Cooper Riverdale’s Racial Problem Fashion Betty’s Ponytail Self-Plagiarism Archie’s Sweater Vest Jughead Jones Beatniks, Hippies, and Other Undesirables Dilton Doily Moose Reggie Mantle Jealousy “Are You Familiar with Shakespeare, My Young Ignoramus?” “I Never Squeaked a Pip, Either!” Jughead’s Hat Fantastic Elements Archie’s Joke Book Often Imitated, Never Duplicated The Historical Archie Mutually Assured Destruction Betty = Veronica Head over Heels Mr. Weatherbee Caveman Archie Life with Archie What Is the Zip Code for Riverdale? Cover Art Fairy Godmothers Dan DeCarlo’s Foreground Portraits Archie as an Adventure Comic Text Pieces Previously on Archie Notes for the Norton Anthology Archie : Arch : Archiekins Eep! Omigosh! And Other Unusual Contributions to the Language of Comics Archie’s Black Book Laugh and Pep: The Residual Titles Pureheart the Powerful Errors Midge You Can Take the Boy Out of Riverdale . . . Archie Club News Mr. Lodge Jingles Li’l Jinx Archie’s Gender Politics Should Archie Marry Betty or Veronica? Big Ethel The Mayor of Riverdale Worst. Archie. Story. Ever. Archie the Klutz Celebrity Culture Jughead’s Dipsy Doodles Imitation Is the Lowest Form of Flattery Surf and Ski Samm Schwartz’s Art Self-Referential Metafictions Riverdale High Who Cut Veronica’s Hair? Little Archie Credits Juvenile Delinquency Teenese The Archies Pop Tate’s Choklit Shoppe Unusual Panels Smithers The Archie Archive Fads and Fashions Borderless Panels A Comic About Nothing Fred (and Mary) Andrews The Banjo in Archie Comics Wordless Stories, or Nearly So Hot Dog Dan DeCarlo’s Split-Horizon Girl The (Nearly) Perfect Archie Story The Myth of Archie Archie and Me Index About the Author

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