Twisted Up

Twisted Up

by Lissa Matthews

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Firefighter and part-time bartender Justin knows exactly what he wants, but the woman who healed and captured his heart has started cancelling on him, and he can’t figure out why.

Ella might be friendly, funny, and at ease in a room full of strangers, but she’s shy at heart, and she can’t shake old insecurities and the feeling that the end to her relationship with Justin is undoubtedly just around the corner.

Just when Ella starts thinking she should probably end it now and save herself some heartbreak, Justin shows up at her door with a length of rope and a naughty proposition. If she’ll dare to give them a shot, he’ll show her just how good it could be between them.

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ISBN-13: 9781640633186
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 08/21/2017
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 133,923
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Coffee drinker extraordinaire, author Lissa Matthews lives and writes in North Carolina with her family and their six cats. Yes, you read that correctly. When not at the keyboard, she can be found in her backyard on the swing, in the kitchen trying a new recipe she found on Pinterest, watching sports, or perfecting her nap ninja skills.

If you’d like to learn more about Lissa and her books, please visit her website at, follow her on social media, and/or sign up for her newsletter.

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"Justin?" Ella gasped. "What are you doing here?"

Justin grinned at his pretty, albeit surprised, lover. "I'm here to get you, Ella."

"Get me?"

"Yep. I'm tired of this long-distance, once-every-few-weeks shit. I'm tired of you canceling on me. This nonsense of you not giving us a chance has to stop." He hadn't meant to say it quite like that before he ever got in the door, but the words just kind of jumped out. He wouldn't take them back.

"It's not nonsense, and I've had to cancel because of work. I told you that. Life has just gotten in the way, that's all."

Did she really believe that? Did she really expect him to believe it? He might have if her gaze hadn't shifted from side to side instead of looking straight at him. "I might be younger than you, but I wasn't born yesterday. I call bullshit."

The blush that stained her cheeks in the early afternoon sun touched him as did the uncertain look in her eyes. He didn't want to make her feel bad, but he wanted her, dammit, and he was gonna have her. He'd even come prepared for her resistance and he was afraid he'd have to pull out all the stops.

"Justin, please, what are you really doing here? And while I'm asking questions, how'd you find out my address?"

"I told you why I'm here. How I got your address, well ..." He shrugged, not a bit apologetic. "I called the hotel's home office."

Ella nodded knowingly, finally pinning him with her stare. "And sweet-talked whomever answered the phone into giving you my address, no doubt. Some of those girls hear a sexy twang and would give away their firstborn if asked."

"Sexy twang, huh?" She was the most adorable thing when irritated. "You going to invite me in?" He didn't wait for an answer. He just took a step forward over the threshold and she took a step back.

"I don't guess I have to since you're already in."

Justin bit back a grin this time as he gazed at her. He couldn't help the urge. He wanted to let it split his mouth from ear to ear. She was full of fire, spit and vinegar, and had the sweetest, purest heart he'd ever known. All he wanted was for her to remember how good it had been and wanted to show her it could be that good again, even better long term and more often.

He nudged the door shut with the heel of his boot and looked around, trying to ignore the fidgeting she was doing beside him. Then he zeroed in on the suitcase sitting beside a small white table in the entryway. "Where're you goin'?"

"What? They didn't tell you that when you called the office? They'll give you my address but not my schedule?" She sighed. "Business trip. You really should have called, Justin. We could have arranged something when I got back."

"You mean like the last few times I've called and gotten the run around? You didn't leave me any other choice." He shook his head. He wasn't fallin' for that again. "Things have been different with you the last couple of months. You're pulling away and I don't understand why. We rarely talk for any length of time. You tell me about the places you've been and your work, but I want to know about you, how you're doin'. I'm tired of you pushing me away." And he sounded like a goddamn whiny little girl. God help him, but the woman was enough to drive a man insane.

"We talk, Justin."

He slanted a narrow gaze in her direction. "Not like we used to. We meet for the hottest damn sex on the planet, and sometimes we'll talk for a few days after, but it doesn't last. You pull away, put work in front of you as a shield until I have to practically beg you to meet me again. I want more than that, Ella. I've wanted more than that for a long fucking time."

"You don't like our weekends together?"

"You know I do. I love them." He started to tell her he loved more than their weekends, but she wasn't ready to hear it. "I want more though, and I'm here to work on it. Unless of course you tell me you don't want more than a few hot weekends of sex with me."

"Here to work on it?" Arms crossed over her chest, she cocked one hip out to the side. "You giving me an ultimatum, cowboy?" She called him cowboy. That was a damn good sign. "Not at all."

"How are you planning to, as you say, work on it? I'm leaving. You gonna camp out in my apartment until I get back?"

Her defiance and sassiness and smart mouth he could handle. It was her silence and her excuses he couldn't deal with. "Nope. And just for the record, I don't think you can do it."

She leveled a confused look at him. "Do what?"

"Tell me you don't want more from me than sex every few weekends."

"I can so," she scoffed with a tilt of her chin.

Justin gave no outward reaction, he just waited. Sometimes having a little brother paid off in ways one might never expect. Such as staring contests with the woman you want more than your next breath. He stared her down until she blinked. He grinned. "You'd be lying." Leaning down until his face was level with hers, he asked softly, "Are you going to start lying to me now, Ella?" Her gaze darted away and she started nibbling on her lower lip. He knew then he had her. He took a few steps until he was standing so close he could feel the heat coming off her body, see the pulse pounding in her neck. "Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me you don't want more, tell me you get everything you want and need from these little weekend meetings. Tell me ..."

"Justin ..."

"Tell me, Ella. Tell me and I'll go." Like hell. He'd driven ten hours from Dallas to Birmingham to get to her. No way was he leaving without her. He had a plan and he was gonna stick to it. He'd only leave if she meant it and her eyes would tell him if her words were sincere and true.

He'd promised himself he wouldn't put his heart out there again since his ex cheated on him. He swore he'd never allow himself to get so hooked on anyone, but Ella had wormed her way inside him with little more than a smile, and the early conversations they'd had during trivia nights in the downtown Birmingham bar where they'd met last year. Add in the daily emails, hours of instant messages, text messages and phone calls ... Hooked didn't even begin to cover it.

She shook her head and pressed herself against him as he stood up straight again. She rubbed her face against his chest and sighed. "I can't."

And for a moment, he stood stock still, but then wrapped his arms around her body and pulled her as close as he could. He brushed his lips against the top of her soft-as-silk hair before threading one hand into it. He tugged and she lifted her head. There were questions and even a few tears swimming in her eyes. He didn't want to see that, didn't want to be the cause of any pain, only the most intense pleasure.

He lowered his head, intent on a soft, small kiss, but was surprised when she threw her hands up to grip his hair and stood on tiptoe, crushing her mouth to his. Her tongue was between his lips and her fists were yanking at him before letting go and slipping to the buttons on his black button-down. He didn't make any move to stop her. If she wanted to undress him, he was more than willing to let her.

Once she had his shirt undone, he dropped his arms from around her and let her open it across his chest. She scraped her fingernails down his torso, just the way he liked, tender with a little bit of bite. She didn't stop there though. No, she kept going, right on to the button on his jeans, followed by the zipper going down at the insistence of her fingers. He watched her gain access to his body, felt the keen pleasure at her touch, wanted nothing more than to put her on the floor and rut with her until they were both exhausted, but he didn't. He gave her the freedom to do whatever she wanted, waited to see what she was after.

Ella pushed his jeans to his hips, letting his cock spring free before backing away and inching up her bright floral knee-length skirt. She kicked off her little sandals as she bared herself. All that separated him from being inside her was about three feet of distance and a pair of lime-green lace panties.

Once she'd backed herself against one of the entryway walls, he closed the three feet and reached for the lace.

"You wantin' somethin', Ella?" He'd give her the fucking moon if she asked for it.

She pushed her hips toward him and he snagged the crotch of her lace panties in his fist. She let out a little hiss and nodded her head. "You. Inside me."

He'd always loved that she would voice exactly what she wanted when it came to sex. That was just it though. Sex was the only area she wasn't shy about. It was such a turn on, too. She liked him in control, he'd learned that early on, but she knew exactly what she wanted and needed in order to get aroused and get off. She was a confusing minx, and one he had loved figuring out. With the standoffish ways she'd been acting, though ... It was time to change things up a bit. It was time to get into her mind, her soul, her heart. "Change of heart from a few minutes ago when I walked in the door. You couldn't wait to get rid of me."

She groaned in frustration. "Still want you gone, Justin. I have a plane to catch, but dammit you know I can't stop wanting when you're around."

"That's what I'm counting on, baby, but I'm not going anywhere. Not again. Not without you." He fisted the lace in his palm and rubbed the back of his knuckles against her very smooth, very hot and very wet slit. She braced herself against the wall and spread her legs for him. "You're still such a good girl for me," he murmured. "Now why don't you tell me why you want me gone?"

"Won't ... work. This ... Us. Too needy ..."

The breathlessness of her voice, the panting, the slickness coating his hand told of her need, but to hear her say it, to hear the words drove him on. "Yes, it will. Needy is very good, baby. You just have to let me in. You just have to trust me."

She hitched her skirt higher, and with her other hand, started working on the buttons of her own button-down. "No, no it can't. Lust. Hot. Need. Please, Justin."

"Lust is good. We can work with lust, I promise." Hell, he'd take all the lust she had to give and then some.

The first time they'd been alone together, it was all he could do to get a breath in, get a word in because her mouth was constantly attached to his or to some other part of his body. Not that he was complaining. Then or now. He'd never been with a woman so full of fire and hunger. Insatiable didn't even come close to describing their encounter.

"Too much sex."

Justin nipped at her chin. "Never too much sex."

Ella nodded and pulled the sides of her shirt open, revealing the soft curve of her belly, the full curves of her breasts. Damn, they were still enough to drive him to his knees. She was a little smaller than the last time he'd seen her, but she still filled his hands and that's all he wanted, all he craved.

He pulled down one cup of her pink with lime-green lace-trim bra until he could get at her nipple, rock hard in the cool air of the room. Rasping his thumb over it, then leaning in to scrape his two-day-old scruff over it, he was able to pull a moan from her.

"Please, Justin, please," she whimpered, at once pushing back into the wall and pushing herself into him.

He curled his tongue around her nipple and tugged it into his mouth as he pushed his hand upward, parting the lips of her sex with his knuckles. She sighed and ground her clit on him. Her hands were in his hair, on his shoulders, his arms. She was restless, unnerved, hungry and just the way he wanted her, just the way he planned to keep her. He wanted that moment of arousal, that one precious moment where nothing and no one else mattered but being kept on the edge.

That's where he needed her.

He pulled his hand away a little, enough that she protested with a high pitched "No". Looking up, he found her eyes were closed tight, her mouth slack, and he lifted his head, pressing his lips to hers, sinking his tongue inside and uttering a moan of his own when she threw her arms around him again and anchored herself to his body, fusing their mouths in a kiss as potent as poison. She could kill him with her kisses. She could render him weak and unable to form a thought when her tongue slid against his.

But he wouldn't let that happen. Not yet at least. He needed the control.

She sank lower, seeking more contact on her clit. She liked a solid pressure, and she liked to rock back and forth hard until she got the orgasm she was craving. He wasn't going to let her have it. He wanted to, but he couldn't afford to let her gain that upper hand.

"Nuh-uh, baby, not yet," he murmured against her lips. His cock ached to be inside her, be in her mouth, or hell, at this point just the touch of her fingers would do. He wanted it all as much as she did. He wanted the release that would flow through him and into her. But just as he was denying her, he was denying himself.

"Please, Justin," she pleaded. Her breathing picked up and her voice had those hungry and aroused panic tones again.

He let go of the crotch of her panties and dragged the tip of his fingers through her slit, teasing her clit between two of them, urging frantic whimpers from the back of her throat. She bucked against his touch.

"Yes. God yes, Justin ... Right there ... Oh ..."

He slid the fingers away from her clit slowly and swallowed her cry of dismay. He pressed those same two fingers inside her, and then a third, fucking her in a delicious simulation of what he wanted to do with his cock.

Her hands clutched at his shoulder, and she bounced on his hand. "So close, Jus ... I'm so close ..."

"I know. Do you want it, El?"

"Oh God yes, please."

"How bad?"

"So bad. Don't. Stop." Desperation laced her voice.

Justin lifted his head and looked down at the woman against the wall, impaled on his fingers. Her hair was mussed and sticking out at odd angles. Her pink lipstick was smeared. Her cheeks were flushed, along with her neck. Her clothing was wrinkled beyond repair, unless she got out the iron. She was more beautiful than he remembered and he loved seeing her come undone like this, giving into the needs of her body.

Their weekends ... She might think they were all about sex, but they weren't. He'd been falling for her for so long, and when she finally made a move, that rainy night outside the bar ... It had taken months for her to give over to him, to give into the sexual attraction between them, but once she did and they walked through that hotel room door ... Damn, he'd never been fucked like that.

Once he'd gotten her to orgasm for him that first time, to believe that he wanted it for her as much as she wanted it, to believe that he didn't care how wet she got or how wild and loud she got ... She didn't seem to stop coming after that, and he only wanted more.

Hell, he'd been half in love with her by the time they fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning and by the time he got in his truck to head home to Texas, he still wanted her, still craved her.

All these months later, nothing had changed in the way he felt about her.

It had all started innocently enough with weekly trivia and beer in the downtown Birmingham bar. Justin eventually gave her his email address and they chatted online late into the night when neither could sleep. Then there were the text messages, online trivia and word games, some flirting. Each connection with her drew him like a moth to a flame.

Every now and then, her naughty side would come out and it'd make him smile and ache in ways no other woman in recent memory had. Those months of getting to know her, of learning about her, of her opening up and letting him in while she rediscovered herself ... That was worth every bit of effort he was willing to put into this. All he wanted was a chance to be more than her sometimes weekend lover. All he wanted was for her to let him in again.

Now, he had her in his arms and she was quivering, on the brink of coming for him. She still had her pretty green eyes tightly closed and her swollen-from-his-kisses bottom lip pulled once more between her teeth.

"Ella, baby," he whispered before licking at her lips. She moaned and nodded her head. "I want to take you back to Texas with me for a few days."

Her eyes flew open, and she stopped moving. "I can't," she protested immediately, albeit a bit breathlessly.

He didn't stop thrusting his fingers inside her, didn't stop staring at her. "You can."

She shook her head even as she started grinding on the invasion of the digits. She pinched at her own nipples, pulled and tugged, and then let go, and he was mesmerized by the gentle sway as they bounced. "Please let me come, Justin."


Excerpted from "Twisted Up"
by .
Copyright © 2011 Lissa Matthews.
Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
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Twisted Up 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
PinkAngelTX More than 1 year ago
Our hero Justin has fallen hard for Ella, an older, divorced, business women who is emotionally inhibited but a surprising sexual tigress. Justin, a Texas boy, is filling in as bartender for a friend in Alabama when he meets Ella ~ on the exact day she is divorced. From that point on they get to know one another through texts, phone calls, instant messaging, and weekends in hotel rooms. After a couple of months of hearing nothing from Ella, Justin suddenly shows up on her doorstep to 'kidnap' her. He wants her in his bed in Dallas and uses the threat of tying her up with rope if she does not agree. Justin just wants three days alone with her ~ no distractions, no excuses, no chance for Ella to 'hide' her emotions from him. In her secret heart, Ella cannot help her ravenous need for Justin and is overwelmed by his dominance and his need for her as well. I very much enjoyed these two characters. Justin, a young, dominant, possessive, headstrong cowboy who likes to be in control - both in and out of the bed. Ella, who hides behind a reserved, business-like exterior to protect herself from ever being hurt as she was in her loveless marriage. WARNING: This novella is a quick read but it is full of amazingly HOT SEX. I will admit that I blushed a few times, but that did not keep me from reading on! Ms. Matthews has put her best foot forward in keeping her readers holding their breaths in anticipation of each and every sexual adventure of these two characters. Enjoy this very entertaining Cowboy and the Lady story!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Slow start, but once you get into the story, i was captivated by the writing. Lissa Matthews has the ability to draw you into the characters emotions. You can feel the tenderness Justin feels toward Ella as well as the fear Ella has over making another commitment mistake. Very good read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
mavandcody More than 1 year ago
The characters in this book had an interesting dynamic.