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Jones & Bartlett Learning
Ugly's Electrical Desk Reference / Edition 1

Ugly's Electrical Desk Reference / Edition 1

by Jones & Bartlett Learning, William C. Buchanan


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The Industry's Best On-the-Job Reference Is Now Available as a Deluxe Desk Copy.

Ugly's Electrical Desk Reference is the perfect resource for electricians, engineers, contractors, designers, maintenance workers, and instructors wanting fast access to essential information. Containing all the information found in Ugly's Electrical References, 2008 Edition pocket guide, the new Desk Reference also includes new key terms and definitions and additional information on electrical safety.

Never Be Without the Information You Need. Keep Ugly's in Your Toolbox AND on Your Desk.

Ugly's Electrical Desk Reference keeps your jobs up-to-date and up-to-Code by presenting a succinct portrait of the most pertinent information all electricians need at their fingertips. With helpful mathematical formulas, National Electrical Code tables, wiring configurations, conduit bending, voltage drops, and life-saving first aid procedures Ugly's keeps you equipped to handle any work related problem.

Revised for the 2008 National Electrical Code, Ugly's Electrical Desk Reference includes updated coverage of:

Combination Circuits
Conductor Properties
Conduit Bending
Conversion Tables
Electrical Formulas
Electrical Symbols
Insulation Charts
Math Formulas
Metric System
Ohm's Law
Parallel Circuits
Series Circuits
US Weights and Measures
Wiring Diagrams

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ISBN-13: 9780763773335
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publication date: 09/08/2009
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 637,366
Product dimensions: 7.60(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

A Head Ohm's Law
A Head Series Circuits
A Head Parallel Circuits
A Head Combination Circuits
A Head Common Electrical Distribution Systems
A Head Electrical Formulas
A Head To Find:
B Head Amperes (I)
B Head Horsepower (HP)
B Head Watts (P)
B Head Kilowatts (KW)
B Head Kilovolt-Amperes (kVA)
B Head Capacitance (C), and Capacitors
B Head Resistor Color Code
B Head Power Factor Correction
B Head Power Factor/Efficiency Example
B Head Inductance (L)
B Head Impedance (Z)
B Head Reactance Inductive (XL) and Capacitive (XC)
A Head Motors:
B Head Direct Current:
C Head Full-Load Current
C Head Direct Current Motors
B Head Single Phase (A.C.):
C Head Full-Load Current
C Head Using Standard Three Phase Starter
C Head Single Phase Motors
B Head Running Overload Units
B Head Branch Circuit Protective Devices
B Head Three-Phase Motors (A.C.):
C Head Full-Load Current
C Head General Motor Rules
C Head Branch Circuit & Feeder Example
C Head Locked Rotor Tables
C Head Motor Windings & Connections
C Head Three Wire Stop-Start Station
C Head Two Three Wire Stop-Start Stations
C Head Hand Off Automatic Control
C Head Jogging With Control Relay
A Head Transformers:
B Head Voltage Drop Calculations
B Head Short Circuit Calculations
B Head Current Limitation Charts
B Head Single-Phase Connections
B Head Buck & Boost Connections
A Head Full Load Currents:
B Head Calculations
B Head Sizing Transformers
B Head Primary & Secondary Amperes
B Head Three-Phase Connections
A Head Miscellaneous Wiring Diagrams
A Head Supports for Conduit
A Head Conductor Properties
A Head A.C. Resistance & Reactance for 600 Volt Cables
A Head Allowable Ampacities of Conductors
A Head Ampacity Correction & Adjustment Factors
A Head Insulation Charts
A Head Maximum Number of Conductors in Conduit/Tubing:
B Head General Calculation Procedure
B Head Electrical Metallic Tubing
B Head Nonmetallic Tubing
B Head Rigid PVC Conduit, Schedule 40
B Head Rigid PVC Conduit, Schedule 80
B Head Rigid Metallic Conduit
B Head Flexible Metallic Conduit
B Head Liquidtight Flexible Metallic Conduit
B Head Dimensions of Insulated Conductors
B Head Compact Aluminum Bldg. Wire Dimensions
B Head Dimensions & Percent Area of Conduit
A Head Tables:
B Head Tap, Drill Bit and Hole Saw Tables
B Head Metal Boxes
B Head Minimum Cover Requirements to 600 Volts
B Head Volume Required Per Conductor
B Head Vertical Conductor Supports
B Head Clear Working Space in Front of Electrical Equipment
B Head Minimum Clearance of Live Parts
B Head Min. Size Equip. Grounding Conductors
B Head Grounding Electrode Conductor
B Head General Lighting Occupancy Loads
B Head Lighting Load Demand Factors
B Head Demand Factors for Nondwelling
B Head Demand Factors - Household Clothes Dryers
B Head Demand Factors - Kitchen Equipment
B Head Demand Loads - Household Ranges, Ovens
B Head Cost of Operating Electrical Appliance
B Head Calculations for Energy Saving Lamp
B Head Partial 2008 NEC Code Change Summary
B Head Field Terms vs. NEC Terms
B Head Electrical Symbols
A Head Wiring Diagrams
A Head NEMA Enclosure Types
A Head General Reference:
B Head U.S. Weights & Measures
B Head Metric System
B Head Metric Designator - Trade Size Equivalents
B Head U.S. Weights & Measures/Metric Equivalents
B Head Useful Conversions
B Head Scientific Notation
B Head Decimal Equivalents
B Head Conversion Tables
B Head Metals
B Head Specific Resistance (K)
B Head Centrigrade & Fahrenheit Thermometer Scales
A Head Math Reference:
B Head Useful Math Formulas
B Head The Circle
B Head Fractions
B Head Equations
B Head Trigonometry
A Head Conduit Bending:
B Head Bending Offsets With Trigonometry
B Head Chicago-Type Benders - 90ο Bending
B Head Chicago-Type Benders - Offsets
B Head Multi-Shot 90ο Bending
B Head Hand Bender - Offsets
B Head Hand Bender - 90ο Bends
B Head Hand Bender - Back-to-Back Bends
B Head Hand Bender - 3-Point Saddle Bends
A Head Miscellaneous Reference:
B Head Pulley Calculations
B Head Useful Knots
B Head Hand Signals for Cranes
A Head Electrical Safety:
B Head Definitions
B Head Checklist
B Head Lockout/Tagout
B Head Shock Protection Boundaries
B Head Warning Label
B Head Personal Protection Equipment Guide
A Head General First Aid
A Head Calendars
A Head General Topic Index

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