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Few states can boast the multitude of cultures that created Florida. Native American, African American, Afro-Caribbean, White, and Hispanic traditions all brought their styles of storytelling to fashion Florida's legends and lore.

Uncle Monday and Other Florida Tales captures the way the state of Florida has been shaped by its unique environment and inhabitants.

Written for adults, children, and folklorists, this gathering of forty-nine folktales comes from a wide variety of sources with many drawn from the WPA materials in Florida's Department of State archives. Kitty Kitson Petterson's detailed pen-and-ink drawings illustrate each narrative. The stories represent a cross-section of the ethnic diversity of the state.

The book is divided into five sections: "How Things Came to Be the Way They Are," "People with Special Powers," "Food, Friends and Family," "Unusual Places, Spaces, and Events," and "Ghosts and the Supernatural." Within these sections are stories with titles ranging from "How the Gopher Turtle was Made" to the improbable "The Woman Who Fed Her Husband a Leg Which She Dug Up from a Cemetery." In these tales Florida is a world full of magic, humor, and adventure. There are tall tales, old magical legends, even quirky, almost straightforward narratives about everyday living, such as one story titled, "My First Job."

Kristin G. Congdon's informative introduction discusses the origins of Florida tales and the state's storytelling tradition. A reflection accompanies each story to guide readers to a deeper understanding of historical context, morals, and issues. Although oriented towards children, Uncle Monday and Other Florida Tales is also accessible to adults, particularly scholars interested in the state's folklore and oral traditions. Whether in a classroom or home, this guide adds great value to the collection.

Kitty Kitson Petterson was a freelance artist and illustrator from Winter Park, Florida.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781578063857
Publisher: University Press of Mississippi
Publication date: 01/15/2002
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 7.46(w) x 9.82(h) x 0.63(d)

Table of Contents

Author/Editor's PrefaceXI
Illustrator's PrefaceXV
1.Telling Traditional Tales in Florida3
2.How Things Came to Be the Way They Are20
Why Men and Women Don't Have Tails Like Cows24
How the Gopher Turtle Was Made27
How Florida Got That Way30
Cape Sable Cats33
The Alligator and the Eagle36
Buzzard Roost38
Why the Rabbit Is Wild Today40
Stolen Fire43
The Legend of the Moss46
3.People with Special Powers51
Uncle Monday55
How to Handle a Rattlesnake58
Old Pete61
Railroad Bill65
Bone Mizell and His Teeth69
Bone Mizell and the Circus71
Acrefoot Johnson72
The Turkey Maiden74
4.Food, Friends, and Family78
Kerosene Charley and the Potatoes80
The Little Boy and the "Ayayay"83
Grandpa and the Panther87
Sister's Milkcow90
Cutting a Pumpkin92
Homer and the Bear93
The Shoemaker and the King98
The Preacher and the Ducks103
Aunt Hazel107
The Cucarachita Martinez112
The Bunny Rabbit115
Uncle Luke118
5.Unusual Places, Spaces, and Events122
My First Job126
The Man and the Beanstalk133
Old Frostysides138
Raising Popcorn141
Big John Gives Old Master a Sign143
Quevedo on French Soil146
Quevedo Chooses to Die of Old Age148
The Tiny Little Chicken149
The Fig Tree150
Daddy Mention's Escape153
6.Ghosts and the Supernatural157
The St. Andrews Bay Legend161
The Witch162
Hugging Molly165
Mystic Music of the Manatees166
Five-Mile Bank169
The Armored Ghost170
The Woman Who Fed Her Husband a Leg Which She Dug Up from a Cemetery172
A Ghost Story About an Aunt174
A Christmas Ghost Story176
Sources for Traditional Tales185
About the Author/Editor and Illustrator196

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