Under the Tuscan Sun [Original Score]

Under the Tuscan Sun [Original Score]

by Christophe Beck



Montreal-born Christophe Beck -- who previously worked with Tuscan director Audrey Wells on Guinevere -- became quite the Hollywood first-call composer in 2003, scoring Just Married, Confidence, American Wedding, and Dickie Roberts in addition to Under the Tuscan Sun, a whimsical jaunt that follows Diane Lane's character as she rediscovers love and life in Tuscany. The score incorporates three musical voices braided together: a contemporary theme, for Lane's character, Frances; another paying homage to Federico Fellini's composer, Nino Rota; and a third offering a comic
omantic interpretation of Italian life. There's early whimsy and bounce in "Follow the Flower," melancholy in "I Broke My Heart in San Francisco," then cool, old-school jazz on "Wish You Were Here" and a touch of cautious romance on "Bramasole" -- four key pieces that set the tone and mood swings of the entire 30-track affair.

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Release Date: 09/30/2003
Label: Hollywood Records
UPC: 0720616240729
catalogNumber: 162407

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Christophe Beck   Primary Artist
Steve Kujala   Flute
Frank Marocco   Accordion
Bruce Dukov   Violin
Richard Todd   Horn
Richard Altenbach   Violin
Phil Ayling   Oboe
Robert Becker   Viola
Brian Dembow   Viola
Joel Derouin   Violin
George Doering   Guitar
Alan Estes   Percussion
Michael Fisher   Percussion
Armen Garabedian   Violin
Rick Gerding   Viola
Julie Gigante   Violin
Endre Granat   Violin,Concert Master
Alan Grunfeld   Violin
Todd Hemmenway   Cello
Dan Higgins   Clarinet
James Kanter   Clarinet
Miran Kojian   Violin
Armen Ksadjikian   Cello
Michael Lang   Piano,Keyboards
Roger Lebow   Cello
David Low   Cello
Rene Mandel   Violin
Edward Meares   Bass
Bruce Morgenthaler   Bass
Dan Neufeld   Viola
Mark Robertson   Violin
Anatoly Rosinsky   Violin
Geri Rotella   Flute
Haim Shtrum   Violin
Cecilia Tsan   Cello
Josefina Vergara   Violin
Miwako Watanabe   Violin
Ken Yerke   Violin
Peter Limonick   Percussion
Drew Dembowski   Bass
Brian D. O'Connor   Horn
Susan Ranney   Bass
Natalie Leggett   Violin
Christian Kollgaard   Bass
Timothy Landauer   Cello
Rafael Rishik   Violin
Jennie Hansen   Viola
Chris Bleth   Oboe
Shawn Mann   Viola
Darrin McCann   Viola
Antony Cooke   Cello
Laurence Greenfield   Violin
Keith Greene   Viola
Robert Berg   Viola
Emily Bernstein   Clarinet
Irina Voloshina   Violin
Eun Mee Ahn   Violin
Michael Valerio   Bass
Trevor Handy   Cello
Oscar Hidalgo   Bass
Aimee Kreston   Violin
Eric J. Hosler   Violin
Gregory Goodall   Percussion
Phillip Yao   Horn
Dave Walther   Viola
Ana Landauer   Violin
Sungil Lee   Violin
Marina Manukian   Violin
Cassandra Richburg   Viola
Chris Ibenhard   Soprano (Vocal)
Andy Medford   Guitar,Guitar Loops
Alan Savadoff   Bassoon
Steve Richards   Cello
Armen Ksajikian   Cello
Brian D. A. O'Connor   Horn
Thomas Diener   Viola
Steven Schaeffer   Percussion
Kenneth Yerke   Violin
Robert L. Becker   Viola
Michael Nowak   Conductor
David Duke   Horn
Phillip Levy   Violin
Kenneth Munday   Bassoon
Paul Cohen   Cello
Chris Ermacoff   Cello
Steven Edelman   Bass
Jo Ann Turovsky   Harp
Mario de León   Violin
David H. Speltz   Cello
Kevin Connolly   Violin

Technical Credits

Bill Boston   Orchestration
Casey Stone   Engineer
Desirée Craig-Ramos   Management
Tanya Noel Hill   Auricle Programming
Kevin Kleisch   Orchestration
Andy Medford   Loop
Christophe Beck   Composer,Producer
Tanya Hill   Auricle Programming
Andrew Kaiser   Score Coordinator
Audrey Wells   Liner Notes

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