Understanding Cryptocurrency: Anonymity in Blockchain and Altcoins

Understanding Cryptocurrency: Anonymity in Blockchain and Altcoins

by Scott S. Bergman


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Everyone knows that you can buy cryptocurrency without any ID or income statement. However, not many people know that not all altcoins are equally anonymous. A new book by Scott S. Bergman fully reveals the topic of anonymity in the blockchain and altcoins.

Transaction anonymity is one of the main reasons for the popularity growth of blockchain technology and a serious advantage of the digital currency in comparison with fiat money. Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, argued that Bitcoin is an anonymous currency. But by anonymity, he probably meant private. No specific data about you is needed. Meanwhile, the history of all your transactions is stored in the blockchain, and, sooner or later, your wallet and your identity could be linked.

Developers of new cryptocurrencies have taken the anonymity requirement into account and use approaches to keep your personal information, transactions and balance anonymous.

The book point is: the author acquaints readers how the blockchain works, explains Bitcoin vulnerability when it comes to transaction anonymity, analyzes and reveals advantages of altcoin anonymity (Dash, ZCash, Monero, Bytecoin, Verge, PIVX).

This book will be a great help for everyone who wants to invest wisely and learn about the technology behind a particular altcoin. If the Dash cost no longer allows you to repeat the astounding success of turning a small capital into millions, then some altcoins, such as Verge and Bytecoin, are still worth less than a dollar and, in the long term, could bring investors 500% profit or more.

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Recommended for: For anyone who is interested in cryptocurrencies and wants to understand more about what is behind the terms "anonymity," "blockchain" and who wants to assess the prospects for investment in cryptocurrency.

Great opportunities go along with some risks. You should analyze, make decisions and invest wisely. The book by financier Scott S. Bergman is a brilliant guide through the cryptocurrency world. It will save you time and will be the first investment that will pay off more than you could ever expect! Buy it now!

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