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Unhappy Valley Book Two: Clan, Class & State In Colonial Kenya / Edition 1

Unhappy Valley Book Two: Clan, Class & State In Colonial Kenya / Edition 1

by Bruce Berman, John Lonsdale


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This long-awaited book is a considerable revision in the understanding of the history of colonial Kenya and, more widely, colonialism in Africa. There is a substantial amount of new work and this is interlocked with shared areas of concern that the authors have been exploring since 1976.

The authors investigate major themes. These include the conquest origins and subsequent development of the colonial state, the contradictory social forces that articulated African societies to European capitalism, and the creation of new political communities and changing meanings of ethnicity in Africa, in the context of social differentiation and class formation. There is substantial new work on the problems of Mau Mau and of wealth, poverty and civic virtue in Kikuyu political thought.

The authors make a fresh contribution to a deeper historical understanding of the development of contemporary Kenyan society and, in particular, of the British and Kukuyu origins of Mau Mau and the emergency of the 1950s.

They also highlight some of the shortcomings of ideas about development, explore the limitations of narrowly structuralist Marxist theory of the state, and reflect on the role of history in the future of Africa.

Book Two on Violence and Ethnicity gives new insights into popular consciousness, into revolutionary change and into the subtle realities of ethnicity; it will be of particular value to readers of Ngugi.

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ISBN-13: 9780821410257
Publisher: Ohio University Press
Publication date: 04/01/1992
Series: Eastern African Studies
Edition description: 1
Pages: 304
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About the Author

Bruce Berman is a professor of political studies at Queen's University, Ontario.

John Lonsdale is a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

Table of Contents

Book 1State & Class
1Introduction: An Encounter in Unhappy Valley1
Part IConquest11
2The Conquest State of Kenya, 1895-190513
Conquest: the investment of force15
The highlanders of Kenya19
State-building 1The politics of conquest21
State-building 2The politics of control31
State formation: the vulgarization of power36
3The Politics of Conquest in Western Kenya, 1894-190845
Part IIContradictions & the Development of the Colonial State75
4Coping with the Contradictions: The Development of the Colonial State, 1895-191477
The colonial state and the articulation of modes of production in the world system78
Our foundations in Kenya's historiography82
Peasant production and the foundations of political control84
Private capital, settlers and the state88
African labour and the contradiction between estate and peasant production91
Conclusions: the centrality of the state in the political economy of colonialism94
5Crises of Accumulation, Coercion & the Colonial State: The Development of the Labour Control System, 1919-29101
Introduction: explaining the form of the colonial state (1990)101
Settler production, state coercion and African labour104
Part IIICapitalism & the Colonial State in Theoretical & Comparative Perspective127
6The Concept of 'Articulation' & the Political Economy of Colonialism129
7Structure & Process in the Bureaucratic States of Colonial Africa140
The colonial state as an agency of economic change: articulation and accumulation145
The colonial state as an agency of political domination151
Conclusion: centralization, development and the decline of the colonial state163
Part IVPasts and Futures177
8Up From Structuralism179
Dependency theory and the temptations of structuralism179
From systemic categories to historical processes: the colonial state as the product/determinant of contradiction and struggle185
Beyond the limits of structuralism: culture, ideology and historical experience198
9African Pasts in Africa's Future203
Index to Books One and Two (In Book One only)
Book 2Violence & Ethnicity
Part VUnhappy Valley: The State, Mau Mau & the Path to Violence225
10Bureaucracy and Incumbent Violence: Colonial Administration and the Origins of the 'Mau Mau' Emergency227
The Kenya Administration: discretion and rigidity230
The administrator and African politics: protecting the 'man in the blanket' from the 'man in trousers'237
Economic growth and the crisis of colonial administration242
The Provincial Administration and the KAU: the escalating conflict248
Incumbent authorities and collective violence252
11The Moral Economy of Mau Mau: The Problem265
12The Moral Economy of Mau Mau: Wealth, Poverty & Civic Virtue in Kikuyu Political Thought315
Imperialism and nationalism322
Nation and tribe326
Tribe and class350
Religion and politics367
Past, present and future461

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