Unmasking The Bible

Unmasking The Bible


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The author demonstrates in this book that The Bible is not a sacred book. To prove this, he uses The Bible's own verses, through which he is able to confirm, for instance, that Yahweh orders ethnical cleansing wars to wipe out all the nations that lived in the Promised Land long before the arrival of the Jews.

Like all the local gods of the neighboring countries, Yahweh is a very human god; therefore he is full of anger, hate, revenge and ready to punish whom ever disobeys his orders. He only loves his Holy People, the Jewish nation. No one else!

The Bible was written mostly by priests, whose only interest was to ensure alms and valuable assets for their own enjoyment. The Bible recognizes that both priests and prophets were corrupt. The Bible authorizes slavery and harems and even regulates both.

Jesus, the god of the New Testament, is not recognized by Yahweh, who claims all the worship for himself. Jesus is called the Christ, the Messiah, but both are human titles that the Jews of yore gave to their kings and High Priests, once they were consecrated.

The Catholic Church is one of the most important enemies of the Bible. Opposing Jewish monotheism, it presents three gods and an infinite number of virgins and saints. Catholicism cancels the biblical sacred day -Saturday- and invents Sundays. It creates images of its gods, which is expressly prohibited in the Bible. Even though the Bible accepts divorce and even the marriage of its priests, the Catholic Church rejects both.

The author unmasks one thousand irregularities that have been (expertly?) hidden for several centuries.

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