Unscramble BIBLE WORD Puzzles ?for Adults & Kids

Unscramble BIBLE WORD Puzzles ?for Adults & Kids

by Omolove Jay


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Unscramble Bible Words For the Knowledge of God is ideal for both children and parents alike. Yes, you can help your kids to increase their knowledge of the word of God (The Holy Bible) in an atmosphere of fun and relaxation, while sharpening their spelling skills and their ability to reason fast.

Unscrambling Bible word puzzles can equally make committing the word of God to memory really fast as well as interesting.

These puzzles are also educational as they help you to see the bible from a totally different point of view. This is because the kids will find that there are certain words in the bible that they thought never existed in the bible prior to laying their hands on this puzzle book....

However, you need to note that all words are from the King James Version (KJV) of the bible so as to keep it real... if you know what I mean.

So, get started by trying to unscramble the provided letters in the box given below, though, I have given a hint in form of bible quotations located at the end of each scrambled words. Notwithstanding, I will advise that you first try your hands on what you can do before referring to the hint scripture.

I can assure you that at the end of unscrambling over 100 scrambled bible words, you can definitely not remain the same again as the word of God is known to transform and not just to inform.

So, go ahead and have fun, while getting positively transformed. This puzzle book is suitable for ages 5 years and above. Adults can also use it because God's word is not bound by time and age.

You can also find the solution to each scrambled words on the solution page located at the back of the book.

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