Very Best of the 5th Dimension [Camden]

Very Best of the 5th Dimension [Camden]

by The 5th Dimension



This is a scaled-down, single-disc version of Up Up and Away: The Definitive Collection, but at 16 tracks it still covers all the important ground from this beloved band, and it reveals nuances not readily apparent when the group was together. In an era of folk, blues, and soul influences, Marilyn McCoo stood out because she was a torch singer who hearkened back to Billy Eckstein and Nat King Cole, and baby boomers will be amazed at how her already potent lungs are benefited by CD technology. The group's harmonies aren't as sweet as the Mamas & the Papas, the group to whom the Fifth Dimension were most often compared, but their arrangements of songs by Jimmy Webb, Laura Nyro, Burt Bacharach, and others still pack a wallop. And if, like most folks, you know of the band solely through AM radio or your scratchy greatest-hits LP, be prepared for a hefty selection of first-rate filler material, such as "Paper Cup," "Carpet Man," "On the Beach (In the Summertime)," and "The Girl's Song." This was a group who virtually defined the "sunny side" of the '60s, and even decades later, one can't help but get goosebumps hearing the optimistic anthem "Save the Country." Was it so long ago?

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