Walk On: From Pee Wee Dropout to the NFL Sidelines--My Unlikely Story of Football, Purpose, and Following an Amazing God

Walk On: From Pee Wee Dropout to the NFL Sidelines--My Unlikely Story of Football, Purpose, and Following an Amazing God


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In this true, compelling account of perseverance and hope from Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll's assistant, a young journalist walks on to a top-ranked USC football team and, guided by his faith, shares God's love, launching him on an unexpected journey with an amazing outcome.

Had anyone told Ben Malcolmson that he'd someday be a wide receiver on the national champion USC football team—after not playing football since an unfortunate fifth-grade Pop Warner experience—he would have called them crazy. As a reporter for The Daily Trojan, in the spirit of George Plimpton, he participated in walk-on tryouts for the team and was dumbfounded to find himself listed on the roster. His position on the team never amounted to much in a game-time contribution, but Ben felt strongly that his faith was inextricably linked to his purpose. He felt called to anonymously place Bibles in each USC teammate locker on Christmas Eve—to resounding indifference and rejection from his friends. It wasn't until three years later, when his role at USC had led to a role with Coach Pete Carroll at the Seahawks organization, that an old friend connected with Ben and told him that one of the Bibles had captivated the heart of a teammate in the three days before his death.
With a humble spirit dedicated to consistent acts of discipleship, Ben Malcolmson is an authentic voice for the power of simple obedience and trust, for what can happen when a believer allows God to work in a life. Walk On is the result of God using his faithful people to work in the lives of others.

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Publication date: 07/17/2018
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About the Author

BEN MALCOLMSON is the Director of External Relations and Assistant to the Head Coach for the Seattle Seahawks. He has a degree in Print Journalism from USC and is an active, connected Trojan alum. Malcolmson has authored over 200 articles including his creative article, "Day in the Life of Pete Carroll," which was linked to by the LA Times. He has contributed to a range of media outlets including the Associated Press, USA Today, and Sports Illustrated. PATTI MCCORD owns a consulting company that helps small businesses with their marketing needs. An accomplished writer and editor, she writes extensively on a variety of topics, including health and fitness and business management. She lives in San Diego, California.

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Walk On: From Pee Wee Dropout to the NFL Sidelines--My Unlikely Story of Football, Purpose, and Following an Amazing God 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
DBWillard More than 1 year ago
My review is because I received the book at no charge from #waterbrookmultnomah for an honest and fair review. This book is not my normal read that would grab my attention. I am classified as a female senior citizen. Football is not my thing! I could count on one hand the number of games I watched this year. I do love to read and learn though and this book caught my attention just looking at the cover and reading the description. And the dedication, "Dedicated to anyone who ever wonders what exactly God is up to." Ben is very open and honest about this journey. His steps were ordered by God even though in the midst of it all Ben didn't always immediately recognize God's hand in it. I found the book hard to put down and remember I don't follow football. The names, football terms and games he mentioned were foreign to me but that did not stop me from truly enjoying the book and the message. I would highly recommend this book. The inspirational message at the end of each chapter is a bonus. The last one in the book titled "Be Utterly Amazed" says, "Even when your life reaches its bleakest point and you face seemingly insurmountable circumstances, God has plans for you that you would not believe, even if He told you........Are you prepared to be utterly amazed and walk on in faith, expecting God to do something in your days that your would not believe, even if you were told!" Wow huh! You need to read this book! And Be Utterly Amazed!
Becky6 More than 1 year ago
Why on earth would someone who doesn’t like football read this Walk On by Ben Malcolmson? That’s because this is one of those books that is so much more than about football. You don’t have to be a football fan to enjoy this book. This is the inspirational and powerful story of how the Lord bought Ben Malcolmson to Him and used him throughout his life in unexpected ways. We’re talking about an underdog story that no one would have imagined watching the author achieve the goals he accomplished. The author comes across as relatable and humble as he shares his honest story of all of the ups and downs of finding himself on the USC Trojans team. One of my favorite stories, which is probably one of the most powerful, is where the author shares about hiding a bunch of Bibles in each of the team members lockers for Christmas only to be discouraged when he finds them tossed in shreds all over the book and in the trash. I think one of the coolest things about that story is that we think we’re doing something good, get discouraged when it doesn’t go our way, to not see the entire picture of how God used that until years later. I especially enjoyed how the author encourages and inspires his readers to stay faithful to God and how God can use the most unexpected and least likely opportunities to for His glory. He also ends each chapter with a short lesson and a scripture. Highly recommended whether you are a football fan or not. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review, which I have given. I was not required to write a positive review and have not been compensated for it in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.
thedanielsr More than 1 year ago
This is an amazing story of trusting God when He wants you do something that is way out of your comfort zone. Thank you to Multnomah for a copy of the book. All views expressed are my own.
Natonito More than 1 year ago
[Note: This book was provided free of charge by Multnomah WaterBrook Press. All thoughts and opinions are my own.] When I originally requested this book, I did not realize some of the ties that I had with its author. Frequently, I find that reading books can be a very Nathanish experience, where as someone who tends to live a somewhat isolated life that I find I am deeply connected to other people through books. During my time at the University of Southern California [1] I was an engineering student with a history minor who tended to mind my own business even if I write and read of a wider world. While I was still at the university, the author started attending himself, and followed a tradition of celebrated walk-ons like the one I had cheered on at the LA Colosseum during the last year of Hackett’s coaching during an otherwise meaningless win against Louisiana Tech to close out a disappointing 5-7 season. But lest I speak too much about myself there is a great deal about this book to appreciate whether or not one shares the author’s experience as a USC student interested in questions of divine providence. This book is admittedly a very interesting book, as it shows the author’s life with occasional flashbacks and foreshadowing that demonstrate the course of divine providence in the author’s life, from the search for meaning and faith, to developing and honing skills as a sports reporter for USC’s Daily Trojan as well as other newspapers on freelance or intern assignments, to building rapport with Coach Pete Carroll of USC and the Super Bowl-winning Seattle Seahawks (who is kind enough to contribute a thoughtful foreword here). This is a book that is filled with poignancy and self-effacing humor as we witness a somewhat out of shape reporter with basic pass catching skills turn into an underdog hero for a winning USC team and a talented assistant with a gift for social media. The author reveals his own struggles to find meaning and purpose and to discern God’s will in the complicated events of his life, especially the death of a friend of his shortly after a Rose Bowl win. Everything ends up for the best (spoiler alert) but the road is by no means smooth, and one get a sense for a less glamorous but compelling side of sports life from a talented writer with a perspective that wins the reader’s sympathies. There are all kinds of questions that one gets upon reading this book. Why was it that Coach Lane Kiffin comes off so poorly here? Clearly the author and that controversial figure do not see eye to eye, something that has dramatic effects during the course of the book. Coach Carroll himself has a rather ambiguous role as well, being a person who is willing to take the heat for a tough loss (for example, in the Super Bowl loss against the Patriots) but someone at the same time who seeks to avoid being negative if possible and someone who has a rather sharp tone when it comes to dealing with a media frenzy. One gets the sense as well that he was not someone who micromanaged his college teams, which did allow for some shady people to inveigle themselves with athletes like Reggie Bush (with costly effects for the record book when the NCAA sanctions hammer came on the program later on). The author, perhaps wisely, does not focus a great deal on the sanctions or the rumors of corruption in USC’s behemoth football program, but the book is no less compelling as a personal story of growing faith in the face of uncertainty. [1]
tickledpinktammy More than 1 year ago
This book by author, Ben Malcolmson, is a MUST read. Seriously! How can a non-football playing man become a walk on for the highly acclaimed University of Southern California Trojans? He's a journalism major for goodness sake! His story is quite inspiring as well as encouraging. One of my favorite quotes (and there are many!) from the book is this: "No matter what has happened, your past has no bearing on God's calling for you . . . Your pedigree doesn't contain you, your previous decisions don't define you, and your limitations don't hold you back. Will you leave your past behind and set aside your supposed shortcomings to move forward into the magnificent future God has for you?" (Page 71) If you're a football fan, you'll love the story. If you're wondering if God is in the little details—this book will show you just how big He is. And if you love a heart piercing story of a great friendship and support system, then here's that book. I have received this book from WaterBrookMultnomah with no expectations in return. I have chosen to share my honest opinion on this book. #PRHpartner @WaterBrookMultnomah
Pattistep More than 1 year ago
“Even when your life reaches its bleakest point and you face seemingly insurmountable circumstances, God has plans for you that you would not believe, even if He told you.” (Quote from Ben Malcolmson, page 200.) This book by Ben Malcolmson is certainly inspirational. His account of becoming an “unintentional” walk-on player for the USC Trojan football team is entertaining to read. However, his story of growing in faith and trust in God is the true heart of this book. He’s honest about his doubts, fears, failures, and successes. At the end of each chapter, there’s a “Walk On” section that includes scripture verses that focus on the spiritual lesson he learned during a particular time in his life. He’s completely convinced that God is always working behind the scenes in our lives and especially during the times when we can’t see the next step ahead. The account of how Mario Danelo came to Christ shortly before his untimely death brought me to tears. I was encouraged to follow God in all things both large and small and leave the results to Him. I’d especially recommend this story for a book study with teenagers or young adults who are searching for God’s will in their lives. There’s no foul language or embarrassing scenes in this book, which makes it great reading for all ages. I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.