Where Do You Stand?

Where Do You Stand?

by Donald E. Wallace


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"These are hallowed grounds we live on, that those before us spared nothing including their lives for which enabled you and me the freedom and liberty that we now have. Our freedom and liberty is now eroding before our very eyes. We must grasp quickly the task before us to secure our liberties. We must combat tyranny and terrorism at all cost to ensure our Freedom!" By Don Wallace 5th day of June 2004

"We shall not belabor our founding, henceforth we shall belabor our founding principles; to which have propelled and led America to greatness during seasons of stress. We must covenant the blood that has been spilled keeping us focused. Our Liberties are at risk." Don Wallace June 11, 2011

Living in America after World War II, the book reflects on where our country stood and where we have evolved to in sixty plus years. The story is based on living in the heart of the Midwest, namely Indiana. Indiana is both an Industrial and farming community state. Life in this state has been on a slower pace than most states. People have been friendly and supportive of one another for most of this period of time. But life is forever changing, as you will find as you read this story.

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Where Do You Stand?

By Donald E. Wallace


Copyright © 2012 Donald E. Wallace
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-5041-2

Chapter One

What are the principles you believe in?

Where do you stand on the values and principle upon which our country is based?

Life's challenges are demanding and the values that our country has embraced for over two hundred years are now in jeopardy. Do you stand in line with the secular progressives liberals? I hope not, America is comprised of many cultures and many diverse groups. However, remember the roll you play could very well change the complexion of America forever. The nine principles and twelve values the founding fathers used to frame the "Declaration of Independence", The Bill of Rights" and "The Constitution". The principles and values to which those that truly love America still adhere to are:

10 Principles

1.) I believe in God as he is the center of my life. 2.) Honesty is a must and I must strive to be honest each and every day. 3.) My Family is sacred, I and my spouse have the ultimate authority, it is our responsibility not the governments. 4.) Justice is blind, but if you break the law you must pay the penalty. 5.) I believe in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. 6.) I work hard to achieve the goals I have set for my family and me. I will share with whom what I want to. The government cannot force me to be charitable. 7.) I have the right to speak my peace about the government without reprisal. This in no way makes me un-American. 8.) The government works for me. I do not answer to them. They are to answer to the citizens for their actions. 9.) I believe in the words of the "Declaration of Independence", the words of the "Bill of Rights", and the words that comprise the "Constitution of the United States of America". 10.) I believe in "Natural Law"

12 Values









Hard Work


Personal Responsibility


Where did you come from, how did you get here, and where are you going? These are question often ask today, as the American dreams are being shattered all over our country. Life is more than a challenge at times, and more than some can handle. Culture in America is ever changing sometimes good and sometimes not so good and sometimes very bad. Focusing on positive things is difficult to say the least, but we must be positive, we must go forth day after day in hopes that tomorrow will be better. Become goal oriented, remain focused, be persistent, move forward, looking back only to measure your accomplishments. Become involved in the community in which you live, and use your voice in government by voting at each election. Express your concerns to your Senators and Representatives at local, state, and federal levels, let your voice resound with vigor and vitality. Ask questions that challenge those that we have chosen to lead us. Faith is our only hope to bring resolve to life's difficult challenges that prevail in America today.

Our country is the most resilient country in the world. We have over the last two hundred years become the beacon of hope for the entire world and yet we are letting our public officials mold and shape our future without being an active part in the decision making process.

America is the Icon of the world and even though we live in difficult times we must remain upbeat. Somewhere there is a Beacon on a Hill and as we search for that beacon there are words of hope as we look through the looking glass searching for a Beacon on a Hill, thus bringing hope to each and every one of us during times of uncertainty, Remembering what faith can do in our daily lives. After all our founding fathers, being of faith brought tranquility to the colonies, as they set forth a "Constitution" establishing laws based on Judeo-Christian principles.

Our beacon may be dimly lit, but our strength through our faith and values brings hope that we may prosper once again. As we go into the darkness of night as the aspirations of the dark shadows have been cast by the dark clouds that loom over us, we cannot wane from our resounding faith in God we must trust and ask for guidance, for in Him and Him alone we will find peace, tranquility, and ways to go into the future. The Beacon on a Hill will once again cast a shadow of strength and resilience over our great nation.

We must be strong in the face of our enemies and resisting all provocation of defeat. Those that have committed atrocities against our nation must be rooted out and brought to justice, showing the world that we will not tolerate those that lie, steal, cheat, and corrupt the values of all Americans. We are a nation of liberty, freedom and justices for all. We are not a socialistic society, trying to eradicate poverty by redistribution of wealth through taxation. Even though many in office have desires to re-distribute wealth through taxation, we as citizens must never permit the tyranny of "Socialism" to happen. We, as a country, will never eradicate poverty in our country or around the world. Governments need not be involved in such, as each community should through the private sector strive to assist the needy and poor. Our government needs to focus on a course to bring jobs and prosperity to our citizens. Our citizens need to work to achieve the American dream and not expect the government to provide for them. Those that work will be able to provided food, shelter and clothing. The luxuries in life are attainable for all if you work and it is time that everyone realizes that you must work to achieve. You must educate your children using the tools provided. Higher education, such as college, trade schools, and vocation training are the responsibilities of the family and not the government, you can work and achieve those goals if that is your personal desire. Working hard to gain achievements is what has made this nation the most desired place to live in the world, as the government does not stand in the way and all opportunities are available to each and every citizen.

You must determine where you stand and what achievements you desire for your future in order to determine the future of America. "Ask not what your country can do for you, but you can do for your country." (John F. Kennedy Presidential Inauguration Speech 1961) You must determine which category you fit into. Are you an ultra-Liberal? Are you an ultra Conservative? Are you a Socialist believing in Progressivism? Do you believe in spreading wealth around the world? Do you believe in a one World Governance or Order? Are you an Independent believing in strong moral, values, and principles of liberty?

Now you need to consider if you are not in the belief of mainstream America you must be extremely Liberal, extremely Conservative, or extremely Independent. If you are extreme in your thought process then beware that the majority of the country seem to be clustered at the center and to sell you extreme values or thoughts will be very difficult. Now let's equate some facts. If you are Liberal in your thoughts you will support the Democrat Party. If you are Conservative in your thoughts you will support Republicans and if you are Independent you will support neither of the parties and you vote for the person that you feel is best to hold office.

Once you have determined where your thought fits then you can become more pro-active in the political process. However, you must keep in mind that you must not be blind sited by the rhetoric and the non-sense that prevails during elections. Extreme thinking people can destroy the fabric upon which our country was founded.

Values and traditions play an important roll in America and you must understand that the government is by the people and for the people and you and I are the resource that funds the workings of the government. You need to determine where you stand. Going forward you must be part of the process in determining the direction of our country. However, beware extremism especially in the secular progressive movements across our country is on the quest to turn America into a Fascist-Socialist state. This is very disturbing and we as the majority must stand firm. Remember this is a country that functions most effectively right of center.

Chapter Two

A Brief Walk through History

Prior to World War II America began to experience difficulties. In a free society your have to understand that Freedom is never free, we the people must always be apprized of the challenges that we must all face together in order to achieve success. Snap shots of history show us many of the mistakes and flaws that we as a society must avoid as we move to secure a solid future for not only the currant population, but all those that will follow after us.

Our twenty-six President of the United State, Theodore Roosevelt, began securing land across America for the purpose of national parks. In our Constitution it so specifies that he violated the profound principles by this action. Article 1 Section 8, Clause 17 it so designates that the Federal Government shall purchase with the consent of the state legislature land for the profound purpose to erect forts, arsenals, dock yards, and other building such as courts, and post offices. This violation has spiraled out of control permitting Presidents to go beyond their enumerated powers as so defined by the Constitution.

Our country once again lost sight of the principles which defines America. Our twenty-eight President Woodrow Wilson was revered as the first president to denounce and vilify our constitution. He openly supported the principles and values of Socialism.

President Herbert Hoover was the twenty-ninth person to lead America. During his term in office the beginning of the worst economic disaster occurred. Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929 will always be remembered as the beginning of the "Great Depression". On October 29th the stock market collapsed sending shock waves around the world. Bank failures were wide spread across America and around the world. Peoples savings evaporated as banks could not give the depositors their money. Our country was tittering on the verge of total destruction. This lasted for more than a decade.

In 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected as the thirty-second president. The collapse of "Capitalism" seemed to be on the horizon. Under FDR many changes to the complexion of America took place. Among the significant items were the "New Deal" implemented drastic changes in domestic policies. The government implemented strict controls over the banking system, agriculture, labor, and wages during of his presidency. The passing of the "Social Security Act" has been the biggest impact on society over the years. In addition the enactment of the "Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation" (FDIC), Roosevelt wanted the FDIC, however congress pushed it forward when he demanded that it be passed to bring confidence to customers so they would re-invest money in the banks. The first "New Deal" focused on Relief for the unemployed and the struggling farmers; reforming business and financial practices; thus promoting recovery of the depression. He instituted the "Work in Progress Administration" (WPA). He promoted labor unions and he passed legislation enacting the minimum wages and maximum hours for most workers in America. Furthermore, during his administration he created the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC); Federal Housing Administration (FHA); and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). To this day the Social Security System, Security and Stock Exchange Commission, and Fannie Mae still are functioning. Roosevelt transformed America, opening the gate to future laws to convert America to Socialism.

My life begins after the end of World War II. America was a grand place to live after World War II. It was the mid 1940's and President Roosevelt was at the helm, our soldiers were coming home and moms where returning home to raise their children. Apple pie and mom became synonymous words in America! Education was improving and family values were high. Dad went to work each day and Mom kept the house clean and prepared the daily meals. The day was capped off with the family gathering around the dinner table. Dad would set at the head of the table and he led the conversation at the dinner table. Conversation usually centered on the day's activities. Dad would talk about work and then he would turn to mom and then to the children, asking how their day was at school. Mom was usually involved with parent teacher activities, which supported the efforts of the school. The school system was focused on academics and not so much on social or sports activities. We had sporting events, rummage sales, paper drives, and fall festivals. The basics were taught reading writing and arithmetic at all levels of school. In the upper grades starting in the seventh grade home economics for the girls and shop class for the boys were added to the curriculum, thus preparing the students for High School.

The country was becoming more of a world leader as we moved into the 1950's. Harry Truman was elected as the 33rd President. America was prospering, jobs were plentiful and the labor unions were growing in numbers and strength in the Industrial plants. Workers, wages, and benefits were greatly improvement with the presence of unions. Even wages and benefits improved in non-union shops and businesses. NATO was formed, the United Nations would soon be formed, and in 1952 a new President was elected. Dwight D. Eisenhower is elected President; he was a General during World War II. The cold war develops and growing concerns looms over our country in fear of a nuclear war. Air raid warnings and drills are now apart of our lives. Russia was a threatening power in the world and it was feared that they might attack using nuclear weapons. NATO forming alliances among the free countries in the world began focusing on world threats.

Education in America was improving and the generations of children during and after World War II were entering High School, the American family was now about to change again. Parents concerned about the welfare and future of their children began to focus on college education. The cost for children to go to college was shaping the family household. In middle class America Moms were seeking a full or part-time job, so that Johnny and Suzy could get a college education. Also, it might require Johnny or Suzy to get a part-time job to assist with the cost to go to college. The emphasis and demands were evermore prevalent in society; employers were requiring further education for the higher paying jobs in America. On the job training was starting to become outdated, but it would never completely be phased out. Vocational schools began to pop-up and new careers were on the horizon. New careers arise as automation using electronic accounting machines and the invention of the modern day computer would soon be unveiled. Education was lagging behind, because no curriculum had been developed for this new career in America. This was the job of the future and people wanted to learn this new skill. The pay scale was rapidly climbing for those that had the skill and mental capacity to learn about electronic data processing. Our country continued growing at a rapid pace as we were nearing the 1960's the age of technologies. During President Eisenhower's administration the Interstate Highway System was being developed. This was bringing mobility to America. The automobile industry was declaring record sales, as most households were now requiring two vehicles.

Family values facing changes, as both parents now work and the ever-demanding quest to provide newer and better things for the family became the focal point. Housing in the suburbs was now on the rise. People wanted out of the city. Civil unrest among Americans was occurring as blacks and African-Americans in parts of the country were still being treated as second-class citizens. The quest for equality was causing problems across America. School systems were somewhat still segregated. However attempts in the Midwest, New England and some of the Western states promoted de-segregate and integration within the school systems were in the making, but it just wasn't happening fast enough. The blacks were being suppressed and equal opportunities were not present in several states. Seldom did you find a black family in a white neighborhood. The southern states would not even permit Black and African Americans to vote in elections.

1960 rolled around and Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy were running for president. It was a hard fought campaign and some say that the Kennedy family bought votes and even dead people voted in this election. Sources of these facts surrounding these allegations were questionable to say the least. The election was close and Richard M Nixon went down to defeat.


Excerpted from Where Do You Stand? by Donald E. Wallace Copyright © 2012 by Donald E. Wallace. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1—What are the principles you believe in?....................1
Chapter 2—A Brief Walk through History....................6
Chapter 3—And Now We Begin....................26
Chapter 4—Fundamental Change of America....................37
Chapter 5—President Obama's First Term....................42
Chapter 6—America's Declining Economy....................52
Chapter 7—Greed, and Corruption....................60
Chapter 8—Immigration....................68
Chapter 9—Civil Unrest....................73
Chapter 10—Education....................79
Chapter 11—Religious Faith in America....................85
Chapter 12—Are there Solutions—Will America Survive?....................90

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