Why a Son Needs a Mom

Why a Son Needs a Mom

by Gregory Lang


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The relationship between mothers and sons is unique in many ways. Conceived and nurtured in love, frequently this relationship defines the man a son will become and serves as a reservoir from which he later may draw memories and affection that will guide him as a husband and father. From the warmth and security a boy experiences with his mother, he gains confidence and learns about loving and accepting others, listening and expressing his own ideas and feelings, and exploring the world in which he lives. The things he learns from his mother will highly influence the kind of relationships he will have someday with his own wife and children. Indeed, this rich relationship will define him in many ways throughout his life.

Why a Son Needs a Mom is one son�s loving reflection on what his mother brought to his life as well as the aspirations she has been able to fulfill in part because of what he has brought to hers. "When I sat down to write," Greg Lang explains, "I wanted to express the essence of what I think the relationship I have shared with my mom has been all about." He began to ponder the things they did together and how important they were to his development as a boy. He thought of the wisdom he gained from her and how, as he has grown older, those moments have become so important to him. "The first time I read what I had written," he notes, "I saw a list of things she had brought to my life. When I thought about it more, I realized that not only had she enriched my life, but that she, too, continues to draw strength from the reservoirs of love and respect that have grown between us over the years."

The result is a book that will both inspire mothers and remind sons of the importance their mothers have had in their lives, providing love and nurture and instilling in them the qualities that will serve them well as men.

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ISBN-13: 9781581823905
Publisher: Cumberland House Publishing
Publication date: 03/15/2004
Pages: 128
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