#willpower [Deluxe Edition]

#willpower [Deluxe Edition]

by will.i.am


Black Eyed Peas ringleader will.i.am's last solo outing was 2007's Songs About Girls, a hearty collection of relaxed R&B pop that was mostly left in the shadows as his main act grew in popularity to the scope of Superbowl half-time shows and world records for most downloaded singles. #willpower sees will.i.am returning with a nonstop list of collaborators from Juicy J to Britney Spears to Justin Bieber and over an hour of neatly polished pop-friendly tracks. #willpower is a power play of mindless party jams, braggadocio rap routines, and the type of cheesy escapist fun you would expect from one of the minds that gave us "My Humps" and "Let's Get Retarded." [A Deluxe Edition added three bonus tracks.]

Product Details

Release Date: 04/23/2013
Label: Interscope Records
UPC: 0602537320417
catalogNumber: 001815102

Album Credits

Performance Credits

will.i.am   Primary Artist,Synthesizer,Tambourine,Vocals,Moog Bass
Charlie Bisharat   Violin
Kevin Brandon   Bass,Upright Bass
Mark Cargill   Violin
Yvette Devereaux   Violin
Terry Glenny   Violin
Miguel Martinez   Cello
James Ross   Viola
Joseph Meyer   Horn
Susan Chatman   Violin
Czech Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Daniel Kelley   Horn
Cameron Stone   Strings
Lesa Terry   Violin
Serena Brown   Choir, Chorus
Peggy Baldwin   Cello
Lil Jon   Vocals
Adrienne Woods   Strings
Jean Baptiste   Keyboards
Kathleen Robertson   Violin
Nicole Scherzinger   Background Vocals
Dante Santiago   Background Vocals
Padraic Kerin   Horn Engineer
Jenny Kim   Horn
Steve Angello   Synthesizer
Neel Hammond   Strings
Nicole Garcia   Violin
Sebastian Ingrosso   Synthesizer
Emily Moore   Strings
Karen Elaine   Viola
Tre Williams   Choir, Chorus
Shelby Spalione   Vocals
Justin Hageman   Horn
Caleb Speir   Electric Bass
Ghazi Hourani   Horn Engineer
Lazy Jay   Drums,Keyboards
Jaz Ellington   Choir Director
Chris Woods   Strings
Richard Adkins   Violin
Chung Mei Chang   Violin
Christopher Woods   Violin,Viola
John Eagle   Horn
Michael McHenry   Keyboards
Damien Leroy   Synthesizer
George Pajon   Acoustic Guitar
Marco F. Ferrari   Piano
Audiobot   Synthesizer
Ginny Luke   Strings
Lucine Fyelon   Strings
James Klopfleisch   Strings
Freshm3n   Synthesizer
Adam Wolf   Horn
Boluwatife Adegboyega   Choir, Chorus
Bethany Antonio   Choir, Chorus
Charley Colin-Walters   Choir, Chorus
Zion Akusu-Foster   Choir, Chorus
Trudy-Ann Brown   Choir, Chorus
Tia Rankin   Choir, Chorus
Stanley Buffonge   Choir, Chorus
Liam Perez   Choir, Chorus
Kieran Williams   Choir, Chorus
Jade McCarthy   Choir, Chorus
Hillary Yeboah   Choir, Chorus
Dayna Pearson   Choir, Chorus
Danielle Wilson   Choir, Chorus
Elizabeth Reynolds   Choir, Chorus
Kalender Dogan   Choir, Chorus
Jessica Woodland   Choir, Chorus
Jazmine Edwards   Choir, Chorus
Chester Englander   Timpani
Benjamina Kilembe   Choir, Chorus
Autumn Reid   Choir, Chorus
Atlanta McCollin   Choir, Chorus
Charly O'Grady   Choir, Chorus
Carole Kuhuma   Choir, Chorus
Courage Emeka   Choir, Chorus
Chloe Leacy   Choir, Chorus
Peniel Mbembele   Choir, Chorus
Milca Kusonika   Choir, Chorus
Eunice Kusonika   Choir, Chorus
Zach Jones   Synthesizer

Technical Credits

Luiz Bonfá   Composer
James P. Johnson   Composer
Sonny Bono   Composer
Calvin Johnson   Composer
David Levy   Vocal Engineer
Alain Whyte   Composer
Max Martin   Composer
Benny Blanco   Producer
Onree Gill   Composer,String Arrangements,Orchestral Arrangements
Cecil Mack   Composer
will.i.am   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Executive Producer,String Arrangements,drum programming,Orchestral Arrangements,Vocal Engineer,Additional Production
Jordan Houston   Composer
Hillary Siskind   Publicity
Jean Baptiste   Composer
Luke   Producer
John Hanes   Engineer
Poet   Engineer
Andrew Van Meter   Producer
Dante Santiago   Executive Producer
Padraic Kerin   Composer,Engineer,Vocal Engineer
Steve Angello   Composer,Producer
Michal Pekárek   Engineer
Sebastian Ingrosso   Composer,Producer
Mike Foster   Engineer
Dennis Dennehy   Publicity
Chris Brown   Composer
Zachary Jones   Composer
Caleb Speir   Composer
Afrojack   Producer
Josh Gudwin   Vocal Engineer
Lazy Jay   Producer,MIDI Programming
Justin Bieber   Composer
Eva Simons   Vocal Engineer
Free School   Producer
Ernst Weber   Art Direction
Ryan Buendia   Composer
Jaime L. Munson   Composer
Benjamin Levin   Composer
Jakpot   Programming
Chris "Tek" O'Ryan   Vocal Engineer
Michael McHenry   Composer,drum programming,Drum Producer
Brenda Reynoso   Publicity
Antonio Maria   Composer
Dustin Capulong   Engineer
Keith Harris   Composer
Jef Martens   Composer,Engineer
Damien Leroy   Composer,Producer,Engineer,drum programming
George Pajon   Composer
Allan Pineda   Composer
Huan Nghiem   Art Direction
Eddie Axley   Art Direction,Logo Design
Pasha Shapiro   Art Direction
Clint Gibbs   Engineer
Mike Hamilton   Composer
Lukasz Gottwald   Composer
Audiobot   drum programming
Cirkut   Producer
William Adams   Composer,String Arrangements
Kenny Oliver   Composer
Jack Milas   Composer
Oli Chang   Composer
Artem Stoliarov   Composer
Daniel Zaidenstadt   Engineer
Howard Eversley   Composer
Freshm3n   Producer,drum programming,Drum Producer
Darrell Eversley   Composer
Shaun Spearman   Composer
Norm Bantom   Vocal Engineer
Eva Maria Simons   Composer
Zach Jones   drum programming
Holly Hafermann   Composer
Henry Walter   Composer
Brandon Green   Composer

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