Wine, Chocolate, and Your Good Health

Wine, Chocolate, and Your Good Health

by Joe Urbach


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I am sure each of you has heard, as I so often did, that chocolate and wine are basically bad for you, and from a health standpoint should simply be avoided.

Well the more research I did into food and drink and how they relate to our health and nutrition the more I discovered the truth, and that is that the thought that almost any food or drink is inherently bad for us is just plain hogwash!

Both wine and chocolate not at all bad for us, and in fact, offer many health benefits when consumed in moderation! Moderation in our consumption and enjoyment of these, as with so much in life, is the real key.

But how much is considered moderate and how much is too much? How have these two "notorious baddies" influenced mankind throughout history? Just what benefits do each of these have to offer us?

Those were the very questions I set out to answer as I sat at my computer one morning to write a post for my Phytonutrient Blog. I started researching and writing and before I knew it I was no longer writing a blog post but had discovered that I was 25 pages into my next book!

This book was written especially for my wife Holly and for all of us who love to sit back and enjoy a little bit of life's finest pleasures - chocolate and wine!

Just to give us another reason to indulge!

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About the Author

Joe Urbach is the creator/publisher of and the wildly popular Phytonutrient Blog.

He has lived and worked in the Central Texas area for over 30 years. He and his wife Holly are the parents of five children and grandparents of two beautiful boys.

For the last twelve years he has concentrated his efforts on installing many raised bed and container gardens in Texas homes all over Austin and San Antonio.

As a gardener, as a father and as a grandfather Joe is very concerned about the quality of the food that ends up on all of our dining tables and really loves being able to help people get their own Raised Bed Phytonutrient Gardens started.

Joe is a certified Texas Master Gardener and is currently serving as the Director of Training for the Hays County Chapter of the Texas Master Gardener Association. He teaches and lectures on gardening regularly and can often be found speaking at local nurseries, libraries, garden Clubs, Extension offices, or on radio and podcasts.

While still very much the advocate for a "kitchen garden in every home" Joe now finds that his focus is set on changing the way we all think about our food - be it from our kitchen gardens, farmers' markets or the local supermarkets.

Joe developed the concept of being a Phytonutrient Gardener which simply means, "if you are growing a vegetable in your garden why not grow the variety that packs the biggest nutritional value!?"

Joe has recently launched an online business offering 100% Organic, NON-GMO, hand-harvested and hand packed seeds for many of the phytonutrient-rich varieties he recommends in his books and lectures. Check it out at

Joe has become a phytonutrient gardener and wants us all to come along for the journey to a better, healthier, longer and much more active and productive life.

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