Wisdom Poured Out Like Water: Studies on Jewish and Christian Antiquity in Honor of Gabriele Boccaccini

Wisdom Poured Out Like Water: Studies on Jewish and Christian Antiquity in Honor of Gabriele Boccaccini

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This collection presents innovative research by scholars from across the globe in celebration of Gabriele Boccaccini’s sixtieth birthday and to honor his contribution to the study of early Judaism and Christianity. In harmony with Boccaccini’s determination to promote the study of Second Temple Judaism in its own right, this volume includes studies on various issues raised in early Jewish apocalyptic literature (e.g., 1 Enoch, 2 Baruch, 4 Ezra), the Dead Sea Scrolls, and other early Jewish texts, from Tobit to Ben Sira to Philo and beyond. The volume also provides several investigations on early Christianity in intimate conversation with its Jewish sources, consistent with Boccaccini’s efforts to transcend confessional and disciplinary divisions by situating the origins of Christianity firmly within Second Temple Judaism. Finally, the volume includes essays that look at Jewish-Christian relations in the centuries following the Second Temple period, a harvest of Boccaccini’s labor to rethink the relationship between Judaism and Christianity in light of their shared yet contested heritage.

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ISBN-13: 9783110593792
Publisher: De Gruyter
Publication date: 10/22/2018
Series: Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature Studies , #38
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About the Author

J. H. Ellens, University of Michigan, I. W. Oliver, Bradley University, J. von Ehrenkrook, University of Massachusetts, et. al.

Table of Contents

Boccaccini Biography v

Acknowledgments vii

List of Abbreviations xv

Enoch and Beyond: Reflections on the Scholarship of Gabriele Boccaccini J. Harold Ellens Isaac W. Oliver Jason von Ehrenkrook James Waddetl Jason Zurawski 1

Part I Enoch and the Roots of Apocalyptic

1 Giants or Titans? Remarks on the Greek Versions of 1 Enoch 7.2 and 9.9 Luca Arcari 15

2 The Identity of the Son of Man in the Traditional Ethiopian Commentaries of 1 Enoch Daniel Assefa 24

3 The 94 Books of Ezra and the Angelic Revelations of John Dee James R. Davila 32

4 Echoes of Enoch in Early Modern England: "Enoch Prayer" (London, British Library MS Sloane 3821) Lorenzo DiTommaso 45

5 Panopolitanus and Its Relationship to Other Greek Witnesses of the Book of the Watchers Kelley Coblentz Bautch 72

6 The "Horned Demon" and the Watchers Ida Fröhlich 89

7 From Prophecy to Apocalyptic Helge S. Kvanvig 100

8 The Text of Jeremiah in 1 Enoch Armin Lange 121

9 An Enochic Reading of Genesis 6:1-4 from the Beginning of the Persian Era? Daniel Olson 142

10 The Liminality of Enoch the Outsider: Reflections from an Anthropological Perspective upon Being "Taken" David W. Suter 150

11 Versions of the Angel Story in 1 Enoch 6-11 James C. VanderKam 166

12 Rethinking the Divide between 4 Ezra and 2 Baruch: Getting to the (Evil) Heart of the Matter Jason M. Zurawski 177

Part II The Dead Sea Scrolls and Beyond

13 A Private Part of Enoch: A Forged Fragment of 1 Enoch 8:4-9:3 Årstein Justnes Torleif Elgvin 195

14 Il tema della Conversione in alcune opere qumraniche Giovanni Ibba 204

15 An Ideology of Poverty in 4QInstruction Pieter M. Venter 215

16 Sexuality Issues and Conflict Development in Qumran Literature William Loader 232

Part III Second Temple Jewish Views and Voices

17 Compositional Education in Philo's De vita Mosis and Theon's Progymnasmata Rodney A. Caruthers II 253

18 Tobit and Ahiqar Devorah Dimant 276

19 What's in a Name? Naming and Renaming in Joseph and Aseneth Matthias Henze 292

20 Sap 4,10-14 e la figura di Enoch: un rapporto polemico Luca Mazzinghi 303

21 The Good Angel That Delivered the Jews: How 2 Maccabees Adapted Daniel 7 and the Angel of the Lord Tradition Phillip Muñoa 315

22 The Sabbath: From Torah to Halakah Gerbern S. Oegema 334

23 Two Powers in Heaven… Manifested Andrei A. Orlov 351

24 Mapping Ideologies in Second Temple Judaism Carlos A. Segovia 365

25 A Character in Search of a Story: The Reception of Ben Sira in Early Medieval Judaism Benjamin Wright 378

Part IV From the Same Womb: Jesus and His Jewish Followers

26 The Baptism of John In a Second Temple Jewish Context Albert I. Baumgarten 399

27 Was Jesus Influenced by Sports as Paul the Sports Enthusiast? James H. Charlesworth 415

28 The Johannine Community and the Fourth Gospel: A Polemic Against Enochian Apocalypticism? J. Harold Ellens 428

29 The End of History: Common Concepts in 1 Enoch and Mark Gabriella Gelardini 437

30 What Did the Author of Acts Know About Pre-70 Judaism? Lester L. Grabbe 450

31 Sacrifice, Prayer, and the Holy Spirit: The Tarn id Offering in Luke-Acts Mark S. Kinzer 463

32 La figura di Giovanni Battista alla luce della letteratura qumranica: alcune considerazioni Corrado Martone 476

33 Being Children of Abraham: Salvation "By Belonging" in the New Testament Eric Noffke 488

34 Are Luke and Acts Anti-Marcionite? Isaac W. Oliver 499

35 "I Have Been Born Among You": Jesus, Jews, and Christians in the Second Century James Waddell 526

Part V Ways Not Parted: Jews and Christians in Late Antiquity

36 The Talmudic Apocalypse: Hagigah, Chapter 2 Daniel Boyarin 541

37 John the Baptist According to Marcion's Gospel and Early Syriac Texts Alberto Camplani 556

38 Unveiling the Obvious-Synagogue and Church: Sisters or Different Species? Anders Klostergaard Petersen 575

39 Christian Paideia and the Politics of Empire in Eunapius' Vitae Sophistarum Jason von Ehrenkrook 593

List of Contributors 605

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