Wishing You Well: Prayers and Poems for Comfort, Healing, and Recovery

Wishing You Well: Prayers and Poems for Comfort, Healing, and Recovery

by June Cotner




June Cotner, the best-selling author of Graces and Bedside Prayers, has collected comforting messages of hope and inspiration for those times when we, or someone we love, is going through a particularly difficult period.

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ISBN-13: 9780829420364
Publisher: Loyola Press
Publication date: 04/01/2005
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 5.66(w) x 6.78(h) x 0.69(d)

Table of Contents

A Letter to Readersxvii
Do Not Be Afraid2
Still Waters3
Angel Promise4
Unending Love5
From Your Friend7
To a Good Friend8
Angel Embrace9
Each Day You Call My Heart, O God10
A Quiet Comfort11
Testing, Testing...12
The Lord Is My Shepherd13
The Light of God Surrounds Me14
Let Nothing Disturb You15
Peace I Give unto You16
A Life Jacket18
3 AM19
Take My Hand21
Hearing with Hearts of Faith23
Great Expectations25
Prayer in Time of Trouble27
Safe Passage29
I Will Not Be Overcome30
Do Not Lose Heart31
So You Mustn't Be Frightened35
Facing the Facts37
Letting Go38
At Peace39
Courage Is Not the Absence of Fear40
Do the Best41
A Vailima Prayer43
Stubborn Faith44
When You Get into a Tight Place46
Hope Will Come Again50
Hanging by a Thread51
New Horizon52
Hope Is What Will Get You Through This53
The Essence of Touch55
Sowing, Reaping56
Spring Is My Faith57
Outside the Bone-Marrow Unit59
An Assignment60
For We Are Here62
In the House of the Sun67
Get Well68
Hippocratic Wisdom69
For Healing72
This I Know73
Why Not?74
Woman to Woman75
For a Dear One at a Dark Time76
The Best Cure77
Twilight Cure78
Live Quietly79
Be Patient80
For a Friend Lying in Intensive Care Waiting for Her White Blood Cells to Rejuvenate After a Bone-Marrow Transplant82
Angel Wings83
Sink into Stillness84
Surrender to Wonder85
I Live in Wonder88
In the Midst of Greatest Sorrow89
In the Midst of Pain91
The Best We Can Do94
Permanent Gifts95
Hope from a Cancer Survivor96
What Does Not Destroy Me97
A Meditation on Acceptance98
What Really Counts99
Think Positive100
The Sources of Human Strength103
In Sickness104
Steadfast Hope105
When One Door Closes106
The Way of All Flesh107
Your Daily Task108
The Guest House112
Peace Begins Within114
To the Gardener of the World115
Unknown Blessings116
The Gifts of Illness117
A Good Prognosis119
Sufi Saying120
Cancer Caregiver122
Divine Gifts123
So Very Blessed124
Your Monumental Kindness125
May You Be Well128
Earth, Teach Me129
Stay Well131
One Year to Live132
Breast-Cancer Benefit133
Resting Place134
Before It Is Too Late135
What Cancer Cannot Do136
A New Dimension138
Restoration Zone140
The Road141
For As Long As It Matters142
Author Index143
Permissions and Acknowledgments145


Twenty years ago I had started a collection of poems and prayers (some of which are included in this book) that helped me cope with a difficult journey that began with a car accident that changed my life. In one moment, my athletic lifestyle was transformed into a sedentary one. A neck injury changed me into a fragile, disabled woman. Just opening a window caused tremendous pain.

My medication made me lethargic and severely impacted my thinking process and memory-and there were many other unpleasant side effects to cope with. One of the prescriptions that was supposed to "help my nerve endings heal" was actually an antidepressant. When I quit using it, cold turkey (not knowing it was an antidepressant), I sank into a depression.

Three years later, I still couldn't ride my bicycle because the weight of a bicycle helmet was overwhelming. Sometimes the road to wellness can be a long one-one that requires more than physical stamina to complete the journey.

I have arranged the chapters in Wishing You Well in an order that has personal significance for me. I found that when an accident or illness strikes, we first need comfort-from whatever source, hopefully from relatives and friends. But, in those "3 AM" moments (see p. 19), when we feel most alone, often it is faith that helps pull us through our despair. Once we are strengthened by faith, we are fortified to move on toward rebuilding our lives.

But, oh those initial steps are so difficult-when giving up seems to be the easier path. May the selections in "Courage" offer a stepping stone to start you on your road to discovering hope. For hope buoys our spirits,brings us optimism, and encourages us to go on so that the process of healing can begin.

As we improve, it's natural to reflect on the impact of the accident or illness on our lives. It's a time of great contemplation. Shortly after my accident, it seemed that all I could do was bemoan "all I had lost." Rather than focusing on loss, I started to feel grateful for how much I still had.

Gratitude sets the stage for inspiration. For me, I found that my period of great physical inactivity led to a surprising burst of mental activity that eventually resulted in my writing career. I seriously doubt that the "pre-accident June" would have slowed down enough to take on the writing projects I enjoy today.

We never know what curves life will throw at us. I hope the prayers, poems, and blessings in this book will bring you comfort, faith, courage hope, healing, reflection, gratitude, and inspiration on your personal journey of recovery. -June Cotner

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