Wolf Song: A Love Story

Wolf Song: A Love Story

by Paulle Clark


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WOLF SONG is a tribute to four remarkable animals who graced my life during my 'old age'. For me it is a tale of survival and enlightenment, and for the wild creatures I chose to share my life in Taos, New Mexico, a saga of growth and adventure With Panee, my strongwilled, Gray Mexican Wolf and her high-spirited progeny, I began sixteen years of daily and nightly adventures that would challenge the most astute military minds. Now that my wolves have passed into a Great Wilderness,
I treasure wonderful memories of humourous, hair-raising escapades and a sense of fulfillment and respect for four elegant, wild creatures whose manners I found to resemble humans in more ways than I could ever have dreamed possible.
As the daughter of a Canadian "Mountie", Paulle Clark spent her youth in northern Canada, attended university in Vancouver and, after winning two drama scholarships embarked on a theatrical career in repertory. During her professional career, she also appeared on film and television in Canada, U.S.A. and England. She has travelled and worked on five continents as a professional actor, couture model, script editor, and director/producer of the science/ nature TV series for children, Fishtales, and, OWL/TV for PBS, which were the recipient of many film festival awards and were broadcast internationally. In 1987 she retired to Taos, NM where she raised her small wolfpack. She is presently writing, Half The Fun Was Getting There, a memoir of her experiences in the world of rich and famous.

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Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Publication date: 07/21/2008
Pages: 116
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Wolf Song 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
VisibleGhost on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The author grew up in northern British Columbia. She made a career in the movie and television business. One of her final jobs was director/producer of the OWL/TV series that aired on PBS and CBC. It seems she burned out and tired of the lifestyle. There are vague hints of this but little detail. She retired to Taos, NM in 1987. She didn't have children, had a couple of cats, and wanted a dog for company. She ended up with hybrid wolves. Four of them. A mother and three of her pups.This slim little book sets down some of her experiences with her wolf pack. They were a handful as wolves have lots of energy when they are young and keep that energy well into their lives. They did howl, usually at dawn and dusk, but none of them barked. Wolves have a long deep howl unlike the shorter yip-yip-yip howl of coyotes. When they get old they don't howl anymore. They're also not very good indoors, too much weight and vigor, so they spent their time outdoors in all kinds of weather. The mother survived all of her pups and lived to be sixteen. There are black and white photographs of the wolf family. It seems like Clark recovered and thrived in Taos with her wolves.The writing is serviceable to the telling of the story. In some instances it's too vague and conversations crop up out of the blue in a strange manner. Still, it was enjoyable reading of her life with the wolves. There is a bit of the artistic spirituality flavor that is prevalent in Taos and probably was an attractor in her choice for retiring there.
B-D More than 1 year ago
This relatively short book has a lot inside. It is the story of a writer in Taos, NM, who rescued some hybrid wolves from a local shelter and her interactions with them as (practically) members of her family - the facilities she built for them, their adventures out on the mesa, their nighttime behavior (they are most active at night), their trials and tribulations, etc. Made me almost think I was their next door neighbor! Great photos of those beautiful wolves! A superb non-fiction book! I highly recommend it.