Women of Mythology

Women of Mythology

by Kay Retzlaff




Ingenious, daring, heroic, courageous, reckless, gentle, nurturing, destructive; these are just some of the qualities demonstrated by the magnificent women whose stories are told in this gorgeously illustrated volume. Thrill to the adventures of goddesses and women warriors whose physical, spiritual, and mental strength had the power to change the universe. Insightful introductory essays by writer Kay Retzlaff, a long-time student of comparative mythology, show the unifying themes in these diverse stories, collected from around the world, including:
  • The saga of the ferocious Amazon Myrine, who captured Atlantis and Egypt
  • The exploits of the Chinese general Mulan, who brought her soldiers safely through battle after battle and saved her country
  • The feats of Scathach, the shadowy one, who taught CuChulainn, the great hero of Ireland, many crucial talents when he was a young warrior.

Illustrated with full-color reproductions of the most famous depictions of these amazing, iconic women -- including paintings, sculptures, and artifacts -- Women of Mythology is an incredible introduction to the inspiring heroines whose cultural influence continues to be felt in every aspect of modern life.

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ISBN-13: 9781567997576
Publisher: Barnes & Noble
Publication date: 11/01/1999
Pages: 176
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