Writing Personal Poetry: Creating Poems from Your Life Experiences

Writing Personal Poetry: Creating Poems from Your Life Experiences




Beginning with "12 Things You Can Do to Help Yourself Write Poetry," Sheila Bender shows aspiring poets how to peel away their inhibitions and get in touch with their deepest, truest feelings. Encouraging readers to write everything from dream journals and postcards to lists and clustered phrases, Bender gently teaches them to use words that show instead of tell, while guiding them to avoid general words that "categorize" how they feel. As readers progress, they'll begin to sculpt poems out of the words and phrases they've collected, using sensory details, simile and metaphor to create rich, evocative images.

About the Author:

Sheila Bender is a successful author, poet and teacher who has written three books on writing instruction, including Writing in a Convertible With the Top Down, Writing Personal Essays. She has also published two collections of poetry entitled Love From the Coastal Route and Sustenance, and her poetry has been featured in Poetry Northwest and Writer's Forum among others. She lives in Seattle, Washington.

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Publication date: 03/15/1999
Pages: 187
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