XML Elements of Style

XML Elements of Style

by Simon St Laurent




XML Elements of Style contains a hihg-level look at the structures XML provides and how best to use them. Readers with a basic back grounding in XML syntax can build on that foundation,moving from being able to create XML of some kind of XML of a useful kind.

XML's best-practices guide for creating expert,reusable,and highly flexible document structures If you have a basic understanding of XML document creation and want to use XML's powerful technology to create quality structured documents and DTDs,then XML Elements of Style Guide is the right place to learn more. It fills the void between introductory texts and high-level,complex SGML references to give you the tools and techniques you'll need to intelligently apply XML to a variety of situations. The book is logically organized into five comprehensive sections—all of which focus on specific,related issues. The first section begins with an in-depth examination of the core structures of XML documents and thoroughly describes the techniques for creating rules about those structures. The second section focuses on the tools XML provides for creating documents and DTDs using both highly reusable smaller components and non-XML content. The third section examines the bigger picture of XML structures—from architectural issues to documentation consideration—giving you a clear understanding of the tools needed to create elegant documents with maximum flexibility for interchange and integration. Section four explores the sometimes misused or misunderstood features of XML and the last section concludes with an enlightening discussion of XML's ability to create documents that can be used in multiple scenarios aswell as its ability to connect different systems and processes. Whether you're an XML or SGML developer,you'll refer to this first-of-its-kind,authoritative reference for years to come.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780072122206
Publisher: McGraw-Hill School Education Group
Publication date: 12/01/1999
Series: Elements of Style Series
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.93(w) x 8.92(h) x 0.73(d)

Table of Contents

Part I: Elementary Rules of Usage.
XML Documents: An Overview.
Starting the Document: The Prolog.
Foundations: Elements, Attributes, and Namespaces.
Documents, "Reality," and Modeling Models.
Processing Models and Document Structures.
Common Document Patterns.
Describing Foundations: Element Type Declarations.
Describing Foundations: Attribute List Declarations.
Extras: Comments, Processing Instructions, and CDATA Sections.
White Space.
Data Typing in XML 1.0.
Part II: Elementary Principles of Composition.
Using Character References and Predefined Entities.
Using General Entities for Reusable Document Content.
Using Parameter Entities for Reusable Declarations.
Using Notations and Unparsed Entities.
Part II: A Few Matters of Form.
Types of Markup: Semantic to Application Specific.
Planning for Transformation and Presentation.
Building Modular DTDs.
Leaving Room for the Future: Extensible DTDs.
Developing for an International Audience.
The Importance of Documentation.
(and more...)

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