YES - You Can Make It Happen

YES - You Can Make It Happen

by Juna Jinsei PhD


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A Guide to Worldwide Peace and Harmony

"A true work of art! In YES, Juna Jinsei is masterful in creating an intricate, yet easily understood tapestry combining information concerning the various and sundry belief systems one may encounter during the many twists and turns this path we call life may present, with the discerning insight necessary to prevent one from being swayed by the dogma and superficiality of many of these systems. Further, YES offers an alternative way of celebrating life and creating value every day in any situation and dispelling the clouds created by misinformation and unfounded superstitions which are so readily used to control and manipulate everyday people. Bravo, well done!"
- Lorraine Leiser, MA, LCPC, CADC, Psychotherapist,
Central Professional Group, Psychology Faculty, College of DuPage

"I found YES to be profound on many levels incorporating personal experience along with the basis of self-understanding towards evolutionary growth, not only from an individual perspective, but with the intertwining of all life forms; including personal, gender, cultural, social and higher karmic or spiritual awareness. With this book I find there is the ability to understand all things and how they are interrelated. It aids the reader in finding their own internal awareness of peace and harmony, which will then reflect out into the world. I view this work as a great accomplishment that gathers life learnt understanding and knowledge and combines them into one manuscript, well done."
- Nancy Arruda, Writer for "OPEN To All Possibilities", owner of Universal Sky

"Many of us have moved forward towards a new stage of cultural awareness. As we all search for the means to experience new vistas of awareness and new levels of creativity, we are often lead to books such as YES. Juna has woven together leading edge religious & cultural studies as well as her own discoveries of a deeper more meaningful quality of life. I recommend this book for those who wish to go beyond the daily reading of other cultures. For those who wish to discover a deeper, more meaningful quality to life. Read, enjoy and share."
- Cas Styrcula, Reiki Master, Chakra facilitator, owner of The Healing Realm

"This book is filled with many jewels to use on the spiritual pathway to self discovery. I was extremely moved at Juna's ability to share so much of her story knowing how much others can benefit from her life and it's many roads. She is a great example of compassion." (com-pass-i-on)
- Rev. Temple Hayes, First Unity Church

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ISBN-13: 9781432726294
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 06/26/2008
Pages: 440
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Yes - You Can Make It Happen 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
YES is extraordinary! The ups and downs of the author's life are heartfelt, fascinating, and comical all rolled into one inquisitive personality. Her quest is one that everyone can relate to on this journey we call "life". The information she shares about her travels, studies and experiences, along with the answers she found, is formatted like a trail of bread crumbs leading to a golden palace of realization.

Dr. Juna Jinsei not only gives many chapters full of self-improvement guidance, but also an abundance of methods to achieve any goal, whether it entails the betterment of one's health, wealth, relationships, career, or spiritual search. My favorite chapter is full of true-life stories that exhibit the suffering of a variety of people and how they were able to find personal salvation by using a simple metaphysical technique.

YES gives the history of ancient philosophies that have formed the basis of the major belief systems around the world today, and makes a wonderful comparison that ultimately unifies the rainbow spectrum of all humanity, by focusing on our positive qualities. It is extremely well organized and written in a progressive manner that guides the reader so they can experience and develop along with the author, reliving her joys, sorrows, and absolute awe.

Not only is the story good, but the author has searched the world over to give vital information to anyone seeking self-help, alternative medicine, and holistic healing techniques. It can be used as an easy-to-find reference book for the metaphysical student, apprentice, or master. YES has found a special place in my private library for easy access when I'm seeking relief from the stress of life or just want to find some inspirational words to enrich my life.
FinallyFree More than 1 year ago
This book was so interesting I just couldn't put it down. It was extremely informative and written in an easy-to-read entertaining manner. After I read it, I went back over it to try out many of the practices it explained. The three chapters about self-improvement, keeping an open mind, and having a seeking spirit have really helped me in my everyday life. But the last five chapters that explain Juna's ultimate discovery are the best. They give many experiences of ordinary people with ordinary problems that everyone can relate to and how they overcame them with the Miracle Chant. Since one of the experiences was very similar to a problem I was experiencing at that moment, I decided to try the Miracle Chant myself. The results were better than I could ever have imagined, and with very little effort!
I would recommend this book to anyone with any problem that needs to be solved. whether it be your health, finances, relationships, negative attitude, undesirable character traits, substance abuse, or anything you feel you need to change in your life, you can make it happen by creating this positive vibration. Since I know we all have problems of one kind or another, I can sincerely say that I recommend YES, You Can Make It Happen to everyone. If you receive only half the benefits that I have, your life will be much better. So read this book today so you can change your life and start making your dreams come true.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ultimately, "Yes" is a treatise on coping with life.The work begins by explaining how culture is learned from the proximity to where we grew up. Our early lives seek to establish an identity or underlying belief to resolve why we are here and how will we fit in.

There are tough periods in life like adolescence, mid-life crises and the realities of resolving those things that we cannot control. In fact, coping with the uncontrollables are at the heart of the flight/fight phenomenon.

During early life, we collect things- material things. Children collect baseball cards, make models, furnish doll houses and build small edifices with blocks or clothespins. In early education, our school systems encourage us to acquire, build and create. As we grow older, experience comes with variable social structures and situations like baseball games, volunteering and joining various neighborhood activities.

Later in life, we reap the benefits of education by achieving material prosperity and hopefully the maturity to enjoy our blessings. Before we die, there is a need
to give back and provide the community with our best judgments developed through years of experience and tribulations. The author presents a very detailed description of the major and even some minor religions and practices.

The book gets into considerable detail about unraveling the mysteries of ancient empires like Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and others. For instance, Lemuria was a tropical
land with a great civilization. The inhabitants emphasized self-improvement and inventiveness. Instinctively, people did not want things that were not absolutely needed.
So that the value systems were simple and unpretentious. Unfortunately, this tropical paradise sank overnight and Europe rose out of the calamity.

Much of the book discusses ancient philosophies like Confucius. He struggled for a lifetime in order to contemplate and organize thought built upon principles
of purity and honesty. Plato sought the perfect philosophy.

A part of the book discusses theories of energy , power and healing. For instance, IChing has predictive power in the Hexagram Table. Reiki or the laying of hands focuses
on energy field management to heal. Aromatherapy takes advantage of the healing power of herbs and herbal preparations. Yoga promotes guided behavior, self-control
and maximal oxygenation. Huna segments the lower and higher self with strategies to deal with each subunit. There is an extensive section on herbs and their magical healing powers. The presentation explains the 10 objects and meditations to achieve the swiftest path to realization or actualization.

Overall, the book is excellent. The contents will help readers cope with life and its challenges. In some ways, the author assembled a manual for managing life and its
many challenges. The release of the book comes just in time for dealing with the current exigencies in the markets and just about everywhere else.

Joseph S. Maresca
Dr. Joseph S. Maresca