Zen of Gob Goblin

Zen of Gob Goblin

by Papoose Doorbelle

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A children’s story (**AGES 9+**) of a queen in a distant galaxy in search of her best friend and consultant to the throne. The kingdom lives in peace. Each planet that joins the monarchy comes to enjoy the peace offered by the queen five years after being enslaved by the canine king, Gob Goblin, ruler of the Lydian Galaxy in the Papoose Universe.
The king is the martial arts master to the missing friend, Zen. They too are friends. So, the queen sends the king and his pack of Heaven Elite Squad Terror (HEST) on a search to find Zen. But the king has second thoughts. He might be better off if the friend was never found or found but never returned.

The fairy tale is a glimpse into the science fiction fantasy tale of the search for the missing friend, Zen, the dog at his side that protects him and warns him of danger, the king’s pack of wild dogs in search of Zen, and the queen’s control over the galaxy in the king’s absence.
With the empire on the brink of chaos while the queen awaits the return of Zen, the king and his team scour the known universe to find him. But the king and his team are not following the same orders, and eventually, the time for Zen will run out.

The tale bounces from scene to scene, following each of the sub-stories as the king searches for Zen. Each planet he visits draws him closer to Zen as he and his team sniff out the missing friend to the queen. Zen, in turn, stays one step ahead of the king’s search party for reasons that are unclear as of yet. In the interim, the queen attempts to rule the monarchy alone, without the king’s feared presence to maintain order among the commoners.

The tale intertwines three different story plot lines as they intersect in an interwoven format that eventually brings the three stories together. Will the great King Gob Goblin find Zen for Queen Hassa Ve Pilpel, or will Zen outrun and outsmart the hungry pack of hunters hot on his trail?

This book is the first volume of a series of books. This book is appropriate for ages nine (9) and older, because while it does reference fighting, war, the devil, and scenes involving death, but it does not contain any profanity, gory battle descriptions, nor other adult content, and any mature elements are appropriate for children who are permitted to watch PG movies. Parents should use their own judgement if allowing very young children to read this book on their own.

The first installment of The Papoose Universe epic series.

Product Details

BN ID: 2940156009268
Publisher: Papoose Doorbelle
Publication date: 04/08/2019
Series: The Papoose Universe
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 582 KB
Age Range: 5 - 11 Years

About the Author

Papoose Doorbelle is the voice of Papoose Doorbelle Publishing.

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